Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Speed Tuesdays are BACK!

Also in June 2010 Running Times, I read an article about Fine Tuning for your Fastest 3.1-Miler.  I don't really have any races coming up, but I do want to get faster so I thought this would be a fun workout.  Here's what Greg MCMillan suggested:
3X3X4 (3 Sets of 3X400M) at 5K pace.  My fastest 5K is around 23:30 which is 7:33 pace. Each set, you are supposed to get 1-2 seconds faster. Based on this, I figured it would be good to start around 1:50 and get progressively faster.
This chart says my 400 should be 1:43-1:49 so I was in the right ballpark. (I just looked this up, when I was trying to figure out my 5K pace I was on the T at 6:30am and my brain was trying to work...)
He said to do 100 meters in between each rep and 400 meters rest in between sets.  Because I did this workout on a treadmill and figuring out 100 meters on a treadmill is tricky, I did 200 meters in between.  
Here is my workout:
1 Mile Warmup (6.0MPH, 1.0 Incline, 10 minutes)
First Set:
400: 1:50
200 at 5.0MPH
400: 1:49
200 at 5.0MPH
400: 1:48
Jog 400 Drink Water at 5.0MPH
Second Set:
400: 1:46
200 at 5.0MPH
400: 1:45
200 at 5.0MPH
400: 1:44
Jog 400 Drink Water at 5.0MPH
Third Set
400: 1:40
200 at 5.0MPH
400: 1:42
200 at 5.0MPH
400: 1:38
Jog 3/4 mile cooldown
Total Mileage 5 miles, 49 minutes
Nice little workout!


  1. I did a track work out like this a few wks ago! Seriously amazing, not to mention they go by so fast. Thanks for the reminder/inspiration! Def, doing this tomorrow.

  2. Exactly, it kinda makes running fun : ) And reminds me of my track days. I just wish there was a local track close by in the city

  3. Yay for running fast :) :) I thought you were off to vacation? Meanwhile, I have to give you some of the recipes aaron has been coming up with to try.. they have turned out so well and are really yummy!!!