Monday, May 3, 2010

Race Recap

We got down to Providence around 2pm.  We went to the expo down at the Westin which was a 10 minute walk from our hotel.  The expo was pretty small so we pretty much walked in, got my number and my shirt, and walked out.  
Then we went back to the hotel to relax.  Around 6, we went down to the hotel restaurant, Temple, for dinner.  It was quite delicious!  Mike and I split the Arugula, Feta and Mushroom Flatbread as well as the Bucatini all’Amatriciana which was made with house-cured pancetta, onions, tomato & crushed red pepper flakes. 

After dinner, us three (my brother, my husband and I) went back to the hotel room.  The boys watched the Celtics game quietly and I took some Nyquil and was asleep by 9:30pm.  I slept pretty well, only woke up once to a text message at 1am.  Oh texting.  We woke up at 6am, had some breakfast and left the hotel room by 7:15. I had trouble eating, I was so nervous.  I got down half a piece of bread with fake butter and half a banana. Here's me and Dave before the race started. 
We decided Dave was going to run the beginning with me and Mike would meet us on the bike sometime around mile 5.  Whoever was on the bike was carrying a back pack that I fully equiped with lots of water, fuel, cold medicine and other running necessities- ib profin, bengay, vaseline, extra ipod.  I ran with 1 bag of jellies, 1 bag of chomps, gum and my ipod.  Those pants I have on have an awesome pocket! 
Well Mike got lost and didn't meet us until close to 6, but he found us! I'm going to preface all these splits by telling you that I am a little embarrassed by some of these times.  I was slower than most of my training runs.  But I am still absolutely ecstatic with my time.  I was stuffy all week with a sore throat and a runny nose and the weather wasn't exactly on my side.  It was H-O-T!  But I finished and I am happy!
Mile 1: 8:59
The race started with both the half marathoners, and the marathoners.  I felt like the world was passing me... but knew I needed to maintain my pace and under 9 min pace was prob too fast
Mile 2: 9:08
Settling into my pace, but feeling hot.  wearing a long sleeve and gloves.  When the race started it was upper 60s and cloudy, but quickly after the gun went off, the sun broke through the clouds and it felt HOT!
Mile 3: 9:20
Slowing down a bit.  Ran into a woman I waited in line for the bathroom with.  We start chatting, she says her goal is to break 4 hours.  I decide to get away from her... way too fast! At this point, there was another hill and the marathoners broke off from the half marathoners.
Mile 4: 9:24
One of the bigger hills is around here, and I'm not feeling my best.  Dave doesn't seem to be too excited either because we are barely talking...I seriously did not expect as many hills!
Mile 5: 9:35
I'm starting to worry we aren't going to find mike.  And I'm being negative.  I know I'm running slower than I trained and I'm thinking the combination of the heat and being sick all week is catching up to me, but lucky for me, Dave is feeling great and telling me lots of stories!
Mile 6: 9:32
I'm not feeling amazing, but Dave is talking his little face off which is encouraging me to keep moving this point, we see Mikey on the bike. I feel relieved!
(my entourage Dave, my hubby, me and older bro, Mikey)
Mile 7: 9:51
Another huge hill, My mom and her boyfriend Joe drive by and beep and take this picture... Courtney and Adrienne also drive by...Mike and Dave switch and I drink some water for the first time.
Mile 8: 9:28
Trying to get back to the pace I know I can run 9:15-9:20 with my brother.  My supporters are all cheering for me at Mile 8 and I am trying to fake that this is not miserable but its a lot harder than I thought it would be.  Mike and I also start chatting with another runner who is running her first marathon.  She says she is just looking to break 5 and I tell her I want to break 4:30.  For the next 10 miles, she gets in front of me and I feel a bit defeated...
Mile 9: 9:33
I don't have much memory of miles 9-12... I know we went into some neighborhood and then did a Uturn and then ran through a half circle street and ended up somewhere close to where we went in. 
Mile 10: 9:40
I'm really not positive... Mike and I try to talk about something like totally not running related... i think we spent two + miles chatting about MTV shows...ya know Fresh Meat Challenge, the Hills, the City.. all good stuff
Mile 11: 9:43
This is a lot harder than I thought it would be... I know Mike is wondering why I'm going so slow.  Hell, I'm wondering the same thing.  All my training runs were much faster.  But I cannot seem to pick it up.  He obviously is not saying anything negative.  But I know what he is thinking...
Mile 12: 10:12
Yep, not even half way done with the race I'm already in the 10s.  Im not happy with myself. I feel absolutely defeated.  We are running out of water and Dave is nowhere in sight. In his defense, since this part of the race looped back to where he was, he decided to stay with my crew around 14.
Mile 13: 9:56
We are at the halfway point.  I hit the half around 2:06 which is about where I wanted to be.  But I wanted to be at 2:06 feeling amazing, not miserable. I keep looking down at my Garmin and she* yes she is a she* is hitting close to 11 min pace.  I take off my watch at that point and hand it to Mike.  Mike calls Dave (yes we ran with a phone) and tells him we need water and tylenol.  We meet him and my mom and Joe at Mile 14.  Good to see my cheer leading squad.
Mile 14: 10:24
I run along, drink some water, dump some on my head and wait for Dave and Mike to catch up.  Dave's on the bike, Mike's running with me.  I stop to swallow two pills and I carry on.  We are on a pretty FLAT bike path at this point.  But it's HOT
Mile 15: 10:36
I remember running by this mile marker and thinking I really only have three 5Ks ish left.  We go through this mile marker at 2:25ish and I start to think about how I can run 11 miles in 2 hours.  Hell, I've run 13.1 in the lo 1:50s, I can run 11 in 2+, right?
Mile 16: 10:40
Oh boy, slowing down more... this is not easy...
Mile 17: 10:43
See my support again.  Courtney runs 200 meters with me.  I start to cry, telling her this is too hard, I want to quit.  She tells me I am doing great and I should keep going. Mike switches with Dave and my hubby and I run together.  He encourages me to eat some chompy things and take some walking breaks... here are some great pics of Dave and I.  Don't I look happy? 
Mile 18: 11:14
There are a lot of walking breaks going on here... I know I'm getting close to 20... I'm trying to be positive
Mile 19: 11:02 Holding on...
Mile 20: 10:59
Adrienne jumps in with me and Mike and Dave switch again.  Dave on the bike, Mike running.  Adrienne encourages me even though I'm really struggling.  She tells me and I quote "No one cares about your time.  Everyone will be so proud that you finish a marathon.."  I start to feel better about finishing and if I've made it 20, I know I can run 26.2
 Mile 21: 11:05
On the bike path again along the water.  It's really pretty.  I'm thinking to myself.  5 more miles.  How many times have I run 5 miles?
Mile 22: 10:46
Back in the 10s.  Listening to some tunes while Mike and Adrienne encourage me.  I'm counting down.  4 more miles
 Mile 23: 11:13
Huge hill here.  Short but had to walk it.  I'm thinking 5K left.  I can do this, right? My cheering crew is here too
(ps, this isn't the hill I am thinking of .. I think this was was at mile 21.. but this one sucked too)
Mile 24: 10:52
Another hill but I'm feeling better, body is moving, one foot in front of the other, right Kimmy?  My legs are feeling fine... nothing is breaking down.  I'm just not moving very fast.  Its probably 80 degrees out.  More water stops.  Adrienne is feeding me chewys. I am pouring water over my head. I'm not saying much but I am looking down at my watch.  Hoping I can break 4:30.  Run into and pass the girl I saw at Mile 8 who wanted to just break 5.  She has an entourage running her home too.  She looks like she is struggling too but she is going to shatter her goal of breaking 5 hours.
Mile 25: 10:58
Here we go.  I know I can do this.  Just wish my legs would move. I don't feel like I'm hurting, my body feels okay.  I am just not moving very fast.
Mile 26: 10:24
Mike and Adrienne are really encouraging me... telling me I can and I will break 4:30 I just need to push it.  I want to break 4:30, but then doubts sink in and I think whats the big deal if I run 4:31?  But I push myself and do what I can do.  When I get to the turn for the homestretch, I really push it in running my last .42 at 8:43 pace. Yes, my Garmin says I ran 26.42 miles!
As soon as I see the finish I sprint. And then I can't believe it.  I'm finished.  I'm greeted with all my support: Courtney, my mom, Joe and Dave.  I'm so happy to be done.  And I can't believe I did it.  Official time 4:28: 58.  Garmin time: 4:29:00 26.42 miles (10:11 pace)
I'm a freakin marathoner!!!!  Now, what do you think, should I do another?
Later in the week, I'm going to post about every person who helped me get here.  Couldn't have done with without you guys!!!!!  Big huge Thank You to my older brother Mike, my husband Dave, my mom, her boyfriend Joe (who got some amazing photos), my BFF Courtney and Adrienne for helping me get through my first marathon!


  1. CONGRATS LIZZY!!!!!! I definitely teared up at the end :) I'm getting super-excited for my marathon now!

  2. Great job Liz and of course you're gonna do another Novermber with me. But one question, where's my shout out?!?!??! HA! Just kidding, wish I could have been there in person. And I'm proud of you for losing the watch :).

  3. you will be mentioned later in the week, don't you worry. And I only lost the watch for a few miles than I put it back on!

  4. Wow great recap-you did it!

    I must say I found myself letting mental weakness get in the way...and I was only running the 1/2! Also my watch told me the half was 13.22....I think it was a little long!! Good-job!

  5. congratulations! and yes, do another!

  6. that was such a fantastic recap! congratulations!! my favorite was mile 10.

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  8. Congrats LIZZY!!!!!!! I'm SO proud of you :) Now go cook up a delicious meal, you deserve something indulgent after that heroic performance!

  9. Congrats Lizzy! Such a wonderful accomplishment!

  10. Incredible!! Loved every moment. Oh, the thoughts of a runner :) One mile you feel on top of the world, the next you are crying. You are a rockstar.

  11. Great job on the marathon - and I loved your recap!

  12. Look at all these comments! You are famous! I'll say I knew you when...hehe. CONGRATS on such an amazing feat! I'm so proud of you!!! love you lots and lots.