Saturday, May 8, 2010


So.... I haven't felt up to being all deep and emotional yet and really reflecting back on those years and months (and people) that got me to this goal of finishing a marathon.  Instead this week has been all about relaxing, easy workouts, trashy tv and ridiculous amount of food.  Hey I deserve it right?  Lets talk about all those fun things!

Where to start?  Monday I called in from work.  It hurt everywhere.  Getting out of bed was the most painful thing I've ever done.  Walking down the stairs to get coffee, omg I wanted to die.  And the pain was only felt in my quads and back.  The Achilles area where I had pain for the last 7 months?  Nope, not there.  So I did a whole lot of watching trash tv on Monday.  And so we begin:

Who watches Real Housewives?  Currently we got New Jersey and New York going on at the same time which just happen to be my two favorite casts.  Lets start with Dirty Jerz.
I love the sisters (Dina and Caroline), think Theresa is hysterical, think Jacqueline is just DUMB and Danielle scares the F!$#%# out of me.  Anyone else?  I have trouble even looking at her.  Like I think she is SERIOUSLY crazy.  I throw that word out there a lot, but she is the scariest thing I've ever seen or heard.  And that new character... whats her name...Kim... the two faced friend of trash Danielle who can afford a seat at the benefit dinner at Carolines house and spends the whole night talking sh#$ about her supposed 'friend'.  She is also scary, along with her boyfriend!  I think around the time they are sitting around the table talking smack about Danielle, I keep flipping to another channel because I am embarrassed.  I am a remote control freak and whenever I want to like dive under my couch in embarrassment, I change the channel very briefly and go back. I get insanely embarrassed of and for these people.... the next scene Danielle drives crazy from whatever town she lives in to Franklin Lakes wanting to "crash" the party.  She is acting like a complete lunatic and of course, her kids are in the car.  I feel so so sorry for her kids.  This show is just insane it really is.  I spend half the time wishing Danielle would be off the show and the other half wondering if without Danielle, there is a show.  Please read this.  She is frightening.  Favorite line I've ever heard is in the preview for next week from the amazing Caroline: "You hang around garbage, you start to stink."  Completely agree Manzo, completely agree....

Okay moving on to more trash... how about some Real Housewives New York?  
This photo can't be recent since Jill and Bethanney are sitting next to one another... but any who... what can I say.  Well A LOT.  First, I love Leanne.  I think she is my favorite.  She can be a bitch and classy at the same time.  I think she speaks from her heart and I respect her.  Kelly is harmless.  She is not the smartest girl in the world, but she doesn't really bother me.  I do think she always tries too hard to be different from the other girls.  Like 4 girls are sitting around all agreeing with each other about being depressed because their husbands left them and here you are saying something weird and uncomfortable about being depressed before your husband leaves you.  I think she just doesn't always click with others and she doesn't try that hard to make things click.  But thats okay.  Ramona is an explosion waiting to happen.  And I sorta love that about her.  She speaks her mind loud and clear. Sometimes she scares me, but sometimes I love it.  I believe in being aggressive.  At least I believe in being aggressive a lot more than being PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE like our buddy Jill.  What happened to Jill?  She used to be my favorite... but now she has become a BIATCH.   And really passively aggressive.  Here are some examples:

"she's no size 4...I'M a size 4...but she at least has experience." Referring to why LuAnn wasn't walking in Brooklyn Fashion Week. Isn't LuAnn her BFF?
Then did you see her this week criticize Kelly for saying like?  Or interrupt Alex on every word and not let Alex get her point across?  

I do miss the old Jill but I did do some research and some of Jill's actions may be fake.  I read something that said she needed to increase the drama to stay on the show.  I still deep down do like Jill but I just don't like how she is acting lately.

Moving on... oh Alex.  Alex is socially awkward. Period.  Attacking Jill and delivering "the message" in front of everyone was just WEIRD.  She can't explain herself well either.  I know what she wants to say but she is always going to swept up by the 'big bad wolf Jill' (Alex's words not mine) if she can't actually voice what she wants to get out.  She was the dork in high school who wanted to hang out with the cool girls and once she finally is in the inner circle, she realizes she doesn't belong.  Its okay Alex... you can hang out alone with the other exile... our buddy Bethanney.

Oh Bethanney.  You also sorta scare me.  And you make fun of Ramona for having diarrhea of the mouth but truthfully, you aren't far behind.  She is way too intense and I think needs serious therapy.  I feel bad for Jason.  He's in for a long ride.  Does anyone else find Bethanney's shape of her face so intriguing?  I've never seen a face quite so square, it amazes me!  Last year Bethanney was also one of my favorites but now I'm not too sure.  I think she thinks she is almost too famous and everyone cares about her... but do we?

But truth is all these women fascinate me and I really enjoy this show.  But I wonder if they think they are getting bigger than they really are!  I mean they really are just women on a reality show right?  

I could go on and write another book on the MTV shows- The Hills, The City and Fresh Meat Challenge but that will have to be another day.  Since I may have lost half of you by now!

I've cooked all week and will post about that along with Mother's Day and my Thanks post to my running buddies! PS- I drank lots last night for the first time in a long time.  Slept 12 hours and now still in bed at 2pm.  Lazy. 

Also, workouts have been fun this week.  No pressure!  I got to the gym, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.  And did about 45 minutes of combined cardio on the eliptical.  Don't think I even broke a sweat.  I wanted to run this weekend but due to rain and my blistery toes (oh the joys of a marathon) I think I will hold out.  Okay... I'm off.  To do my favorite shopping (besides Ann Taylor Loft dress shopping...) GROCERY SHOPPING OF COURSE!

Mother's Day & Mom & Mikeys Birthday Menu:
Apps: Guac & Chips, Baked Southwestern Egg Rolls
Main Cours: Herb Roasted Whole Chickens, Bacon & Horseradish Mashed Potatoes, Garlic Roasted Potatoes, Cauliflower Mash, Assorted Roasted Veggies, Mediterranean Salad
Dessert: Fresh Fruit Tart with Vanilla Pastry Cream, Carrot Cake Cupcakes, Peanut Butter Cupcakes


  1. Good for you! Gake that time off and wash your "trashy" tv. YOU deserve it. Hope the muscles are happier with all the good rest.

    Peanut butter cup cakes you say? :)

  2. I enjoyed the recap and I don't even watch the HOUSEWIVES (any state.) Can't wait for your thoughts on the Hills (I love Kristin and I don't give a crap if she does drugs or not. But I miss Lauren, too!) The City (Whitney rocks. period) and the Freshmeat Challenge (go Kenny and Laurel?)