Sunday, July 25, 2010

Anniversary Weekend

Our two year anniversary is tomorrow and we celebrated by going to Capital Grille on Saturday night. Have you been? I love Capital Grille and I was excited to have some meat!  I've been eating a lot of (mostly) vegetarian meals lately so I was ready! Here we are before leaving the house.
Once we got the restaurant, we got seated at a table that looked like this- Rose petals and a signed card from the staff! So nice!
But then, we sat.  We sat for 20 minutes without a waiter coming over to greet us.  Finally we stopped someone and asked for a waiter.  When our waiter came over to our table she apologized profusely and handed us the Capital Grille signature drink: Stoli Doli's.  Stoli Doli's are made with Pineapple and Vodka.  Strong and delicious.
For our appetizer, we chose:
 Wagyu Beef Carpaccio 
Premium Japanese Wagyu beef blended with seven spices, seared, chilled, and sliced razor thin.
Garnished with fresh arugula and Lemon Vinaigrette.
 Sorry, the picture stinks!  This was really good.  I love arugula and fresh parm and of course the meat. Eating all three together was so delicious. 
Next up, we ordered:
Spinach Salad with Warm Bacon Dressing 
Tender, baby spinach leaves, onions and mushrooms meet the warmth of our signature
bacon dressing. Chopped egg and smoked bacon are sprinkled on top for good measure.
It was around this time that the older man to my left mentioned to his wife, "She's taking pictures of her food, you see her..." So I tried to limit the flash.  But the pics were blurry without the flash!
Okay this salad was AMAZING! Egg, Bacon, Spinach, Mushies- perfect!
For dinner I ordered:
Filet Oscar 
Our 10 oz Filet Mignon, served with steamed asparagus spears, colossal
lump crabmeat, drizzled with our housemade BĂ©arnaise.
Umm, yep.  This was to-die-for.  Filet is amazing.  This is why you pay the money for steak; it melts in your mouth.  Wow.  The crab, asparagus and Bearnaise sauce was pretty amazing too.
Dave ordered:
Bone-In Kona Crusted Dry Aged Sirloin with Caramelized Shallot 
A wonderful flavor combination with caramelized shallots, seasonings and coffee
rub to create a first-class steak many guests claim as their favorite. 
But I forgot to take a picture : (.  His steak had a subtle coffee flavor and was so rich and just yum!
And for our side we ordered:

Lobster Mac 'N' Cheese 
Baked Campanelle pasta and fresh Lobster meat, tossed in a Mascarpone,
Havarti and Grana Padano cream sauce, topped with Panko bread crumbs
and grated white cheddar.
As you can probably guess, this was a lot of food. But before we even had time to look at a dessert menu, our waitress brought this over and said Happy Anniversary!
This was:
Flourless Chocolate Espresso Cake 
Chocolate lovers will rhapsodize over this rich, dense dream of a cake. A hint of espresso, fresh raspberries, whipped cream and Melba sauce make for an unforgettable finish to any meal.
Clearly, we hated it.  Overall, dinner at Capital Grille did not disappoint.  Even though we had a rocky start, it finished great!  Dinner at the Capital Grille is absolutely worth the cost for a special occasion.
Today, we went to Crane's Beach in Ipswich. Cranes is my favorite beach on the North Shore of Massachusetts- and this is why-
After hanging out at the public beach for a couple hours, we got picked up in a boat by our friends Rick and Caitlin and headed to the private beach.  And there I got to hang out wit this little guy:
This is Cait's and Rick's adorable baby who just turned 1!
Love him!
After we left the beach, we headed to Danversport Yacht Club (where we got married) to have dinner.
We started with:
Sorry, no pictures, my camera died!  The mushroom caps and crab cakes were so good!
Next up we ordered my favorite salad in the whole world:
And for dinner I ordered the Seafood Newburg:
(This is a pic from the last time I ordered it)
Scallops, Shrimp, Lobster, Crab in a cream sauce with Garlic Mashed and Green Beans.  Perfect!
Great day and great weekend!
Tomorrow is our official anniversary and I have quite the dinner planned.  When we got home from the beach, I immediately started prepping and cooking braised short ribs.  They just came out of the oven a half hour ago and they will be delicious for tomorrow's dinner.  Here's a pic before the braising...
Stay tuned for tomorrow's special dinner!  Good night everyone!  I'll leave you with this:
More wedding photos to come tomorrow


  1. All this food looks amazing. I love flourless cake. You guys really know how to celebrate an anniversary!! A good friend of mine named Ashley from college works at Crane Estate in Ipswich - she is a wedding planner. I often used to hear about a Rick and Caitlin who she is friends with. Same couple perhaps?!

  2. happy anniversary lizzy!! hope you have a great dinner tonight. i'm excited to see you soon :)

  3. I've been to Capital Grille and totally agree that the Wagyu beef carpaccio is ridiculously good! Happy Anniversary!

  4. Kristin- Just talked to Cait- yep same couple! So funny. Now that I think about it, I looked at the Crane Estate for my wedding and I think I met with your friend Ashley! Too funny.

  5. Looks like a great anniversary! Capital Grill looks divine, and the beach looks even better :)

  6. WOW......Hot beef injection stat. I didn't read on the blog that you failed to invite your brother to the beach. Wait let me re-read it......nope you seemed to omit it.

  7. happy anniversary!! the food looks amazing at the restaurant. i would like to be more of a vegetarian.... love the grey dress too!!!

  8. Pretty bride girl! Sounds like you guys had a beautiful weekend!