Saturday, July 17, 2010

CSA Week 4 & Sugar Doll Blogger Award

CSA Week 4:
Free Range Eggs
Corn on the Cob
Summer Squash
Romaine Lettuce
So many yummy goodies!  On Wednesday, the first thing I made was Super Zucchini Veggie Pizzas!  How you ask, with creating another interesting crust! Two weeks ago I made a brown rice crust pie and last week I made a potato crust tart.  I loved exploring the idea of having a crust that wasn't doughy or flaky or full of butter.  I'm down for a tablespoon or two in my recipes- but a whole stick! Ouch! So, for these veggie pizzas, I brought out my handy grater attachment on my food processor and grated zucchinis.  Then I mixed that in a bowl with farm fresh eggs, bread crumbs, salt, pepper and mozzarella cheese.
Mixed that together and formed the mixture into 6 mini-pie tarts.
Baked those off in a 350 degree oven for 15-20 minutes and then added the pizza filling.  Use whatever you have!  I used a combination of cheese, turkey pepperoni, pepperoncini's, tomato sauce, summer squash, tomatoes. Then put them back in the oven for another 15 minutes.  When I took my tarts out of their mold, I noticed the bottom wasn't quite brown so I put my tarts under the broiler for a few.  And then maybe I kinda forgot about them so yes they got a little burnt, but still delicious!!
These were sooo tasty!!!!!
I also had leftovers of the zucchini mixture so I made more in cupcake molds.  
So yum!

Okay moving on.  Corrine over at Breathe and Savor tagged me for the Sugar Doll Blogger Questionnaire.  Thanks Corrine- loved your list! Here's the deal- share 10 random fun facts about yourself and pass it along to a blogger you admire and enjoy reading! So here we go- enjoy!
1. I try to eat healthy but I have a couple vices.
Every week at the grocery store, I buy these three things.  Coffeemate Creamer (yes I know its terrible for you), a blend of cheddar cheese or Mexican blend Cheese and these tortillas.  (at least those are healthy).  If I don't cook dinner (like if the hub goes out) I eat a cheese roll-up.  Melted Cheese in this tortilla.  Heaven.
2. On that note, I am RIDICULOUSLY addicted to cheese.  ADDICTED. But I am deeply afraid of most stinky cheese- blue cheese and gorgonzola are NASTY!
3. I don't have a sweet tooth.  I like sweets but I don't crave them.  
4. I like to gossip. There I said it. But I hate drama. My favorite expression at work is: "Take the drama out of the equation."
5. I'm ridiculously scared of a lot of things. Heights. Driving fast. Flying. Dogs. I'm a huge wimp.
6. I think my brother is the most hysterical person on the planet.
7.  I hate people who are passive aggressive.  If you want to be aggressive, be aggressive. Don't be passive about it. 
8. I am EXTREMELY passionate about things and people I believe in. I think passionate would be the #1 word to describe me.
9. I don't like the right side of my face but I love my left side.  I stood on the right side at my wedding and confused all my wedding guests who sat on the wrong side.  I wanted my guests to see my best side- my left when I stood sideways!
 10. I can't imagine my life without running. It keeps me sane.

Okay tag you're it, but I also want to tell you guys why I love your blogs!
Theo- you are such an inspiration!  Theo and I went to school together and I am so proud of all you've accomplished! You go girl!
Cara- I swear we are besties who've never met! Ha.  Cara had my mom as her teacher in HS and we discovered each other in the blog world.  Her recipes are some of the best out there and I love being inspired by your blog!
My first and only friend at the HLS- haha.  Love you blog and love hearing about your new recipes. Plus your name is Lizzie!!!
Anne is my buddy at work who started her own blog after a few years of doing some blog stalking like the rest of us.  She is so hysterical!  Love your writing!
My inspirational running partner Kimmy! I tagged you mainly so you will update your blog. haha.  Can't wait to run with you!



  1. Thanks Lizzy, you're a sweetheart! Hopefully we won't always have to say we've never met!

  2. aw fun! love your list. I still have to make mine. I can't believe you discriminate against stinky cheese! ;)

  3. Ha, I love these 10 things! I know EXACTLY where a few of these items are coming from :)

  4. wow way to put your CSA items to good use! those pizzas are so creative lizzy!

    i do not know if i could live w/o cheese that being said i COULD live w/o blue cheese! loved your ten fun facts :)

  5. Ooh, those pizzas look great, especially because I'm GF and have to be careful. Do you have an exact recipe so that I can try this out myself? Im' not the best at just going with what "feels" right when I'm trying this for the first time.

    My email is, or you can comment directly on my blog.
    Thanks so much! Can't wait to try <3

  6. Steph- I will email you this week!