Wednesday, July 28, 2010

NYC Marathon Training Week 4

I'm now into Week 5 of Marathon training, but first lets recap Week 4! Week 4 was okay. I did my long run in the middle of the week and I think it exhausted me for the rest of the week.  But that's okay because I felt really great on that run.  And truth be told, the long run is the most important run during training anyway.  Mileage was way down on Week 4 but I'm not too worried considering I'm already at 17.5 miles for this week and it's only Wednesday!  Here's the Recap:

Date: Monday July 19, 7:30AM 
Route:  Therapy

Mileage: 0

Total Time: 0

Avg Pace:

Date: Tuesday July 20, 7:30AM 
Route:  Speed Treadmill

Mileage: 3.75

Total Time: ?

Avg Pace:Workout- 1X1200, 400 Rest, 1X800, 400 Rest, 1X800, 800 Cooldown
(this is what a workout looks like when you have no time to complete it... the goal was to do 3X1200s but I had to go after work and I was in a rush to make my train! Oh well)

Date: Wednesday July , 6:11AM 
Route:  Treadmill

Mileage: 13.1 miles (half marathon!)

Total Time: 1:58:28

Avg Pace: 9:02
(I ran from 6:11am to 8:09am on the treadmill, watched tv, read magazines, listened to music, went through two bottles of water and 1/2 a pack of jellies but I finished my long run during the week!)

Date: Friday July 23, 8:30AM 
Route:  Outside my house

Mileage: 4

Total Time: 36:30

Avg Pace: 9:09
And yep, I didn't run Saturday or Sunday.  Planned to run Sunday but as you can tell, I was very busy on Sunday!  Oh well. This week will be better!
Total Mileage for Week 4: 20.85 miles

Week 5 Update:
Monday- 8 miles
Tuesday- 3.5 miles
Wednesday- Speed on Treadmill, all distance under 7:50min/mile pace
1 mile warmup 6.0 at 1.0 incline
400 at 1:54 (7.7MPH)
400 Rest
600 at 2:45 (7.8MPH)
400 Rest
800 at 3:41 (7.9MPH)
400 Rest
1200 at 5:43 (7.8MPH-8.0MPH)
400 Rest
800 at 3:44 (7.8MPH)
400 Rest
600 at 2:39 (8.0MPH)
400 Rest
400 at 1:40 (8.5MPH-9.0MPH
1/2 Mile Rest
6 miles 54:50, 9:05 pace

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  1. You're doing great with your training. I totally agree- as long as you get in a good long run and speed session, it's a good week!