Monday, May 23, 2011

Tory Row 5K

Yesterday I ran the Tory Row 5K put on by Jayne Karolow, Events and Communications Manager of Tiger and Bears, a restaurant group that represents Miracle of Science, Middlesex Lounge, Audubon Circle, Tory Row and Cambridge, 1. I had a goal in mind for the day but  I haven't run over 5 miles since the Boston Marathon and I've only done a handful or two of runs.  Plus I've only done two speed workouts in the past month!  I did a practice 5K on the treadmill on Tuesday in 24:09 so I thought it was realistic to run the race in the 23s.  However unlike the treadmill, the course was not entirely flat and I wasn't able to reach that goal BUT I'm still happy!  And even more I was able to enjoy the race with my brother, Lauren, Becky and Becky's mom!

  And the start was right next to Lizzy's Ice Cream.  I'll definitely have to check this place out. (Love that this Lizzy spells it like me!)

The race was pretty small so we all started pretty close to the start.
Lauren acted as our official race photographer.  She didn't run because she ran 25+ miles in the Reach the Beach relay on Friday and Saturday.
And... we're off!
I went out the only way I know how to run 5Ks... HARD.  I tried not to look at my Garmin and to really just concentrate on running a fast pace.  There was a turn around at about .50 miles where I could see the leaders and my bro was leading at that point.  I felt pretty good in the first mile- it was fast but I didn't feel dead.
Mile 1: 7:23
Then we hit some hills and I slowed.  I definitely need to work on my second mile in 5Ks.  Around mile 1.5, my speedy friend Seppa passed me.  I set my goal to keep her in my sights.  But with all the tight turns it was hard to do that.  My only regret in this race is that I didn't try to go with Seppa.  Maybe next time?
Mile 2: 8:03
When I saw my pace was above 8, I told myself to toughen up and finish strong.  The last mile was on the same road.  I remember looking down at my watch around (I think) 2.60 and thinking my brother was probably done by then.  Around 2.90, I thought I had a good chance of running in the 23s, but as I turned the corner for the final stretch, I just missed that chance.
Mile 3: 7:52
Mile .14: 6:21 pace
3.13 miles- 24:13- 7:42 pace
Not a PR, but I'm getting closer! Plus, when I set my Goals for 2011 in January, my 5K goal was to break 24:15, so I accomplished that : )

Becky finished shortly after and then we got celebrating.
You know, with 10AM beers.  It's never too early right?
Then we listened to the Awards Ceremony.  My speedy brother ran 18:19:56 which is 5:56 pace.  Yep, he's fast. He won his age group and got this awesome sweatshirt! I tried to steal it, but felt guilty : )
After the race, we headed to Veggie Planet for breakfast.  I got a veggie omelet and it was perfection.  I loved the vibe of the Veggie Planet- health conscious delicious tasting vegetarian food! After brunch, I said goodbye to the On-the-run Family and headed shopping.  I forgot how much I love the basement of Urban Outfitters.  When I was in HS, we used to take the train into Boston to head to the basement to get the "Steals."  Such a good stuff!  And while I waited for Dave to pick me up, I grabbed a mini-cupcake from Sweet.  I felt I deserved it : )

It was a great little Sunday and I loved spending time with my friends and my brother.  Running brings so many people together and brings me so much happiness. I love the sport and I look forward to many more runs/races with my blog friends!!!

Oh, one other thing.  The 5K is hard.  But how awesome is it that its ONLY 3.1 miles?  I can't wait for the next race!

Whats your opinion on the 5K distance?


  1. Great job on the race! It looks like you had a great time. I agree that 5ks are hard. It feels like you need to do an all out Sprint for it!

  2. I have only run one 5K and that was prior to my half marathon, since my half I have found it hard to fork out the money to run 3.1 miles. I think if I had a friend who wanted to do it, I would join in, but I don't know if I would do it by myself. Maybe when my body doesn't handle running well anymore, I will revert back to 5Ks... we'll see though, it might be nice to train with those :)

  3. It's been ages since I've run a proper 5k, and have a few planned for this summer. I have a feeling that I may not be taking them as seriously as I should!

    That omelet looks fab. I've dying to try Veggie Planet forever. Hopefully sometime soon!

  4. That is an awesome Sunday! Cool to have a race right in Harvard Sq and I love veggie planet.

  5. How did I miss out on the cupcakes?! You earned it. You rocked that 5K! Maybe you didn't beat your PR, but you ran fast! I took notes and plan to get it right next time. Every time I run a 5K, I say it's the worst and I hate it. Then I hurry up and register for the next one. Oh boy!

  6. Congrats Lizzy! You did great and it looks like you had lots of fun :)

    I'm doing my first ever 5k this weekend and I'm sooooo happy it's only 3.1 miles!

  7. Ooo, I would drive all the way out to Boston to get ice cream from Lizzy's -- I spell it with a 'y' too! I'm jealous of your fun weekend races!

  8. Congrats on an awesome race. I love 5Ks because I have a super busted knee from marathoning. It's the only distance I can race now :(

  9. I hate 5Ks, because they are so honest and hard. They are such a test of your speed and where you are at with running!

    You will definitely get a 23 soon! Let's find one to run together

  10. Awesome job! I ran that 5K as well and it was a lot of fun! I was trying for 25 but only made it to 27 but no change from my last 5K. Some day!

  11. Great job and congratulations to your brother!

  12. I always want 5K's to be easy. I mean, they're so short! Seems like they should be over in a flash! But the truth is, running that fast is hard. And it's something you really have to train for (which I don't...which probably explains why I'm not very good at them!)

    Regardless, you still ran a great race!! You pushed through that last mile and beat your goal!! So congratulations!! I loved being there to cheer you and your speedy brother on...and to enjoy some delicious post-race food with you. Excited for Foxboro!!

  13. That's a fabulous time, especially from still being very much in recovery from the marathon! You did so well!! And congrats to your brother for placing! I love doing local races - so much less pressure. I can't remember the last time I raced a 5k, but I would love to do one soon.

  14. That way to spell Lizzy is just awesome :) Great 5k time! I actually like running 5ks, I think they are super challenging becuase you have to go so fast. I am signed up for a couple this summer.

  15. You'll get that PR soon! I kind of hate 5ks because you have to sprint the whole time.
    Also your brother is insanely fast.

  16. WOW! you are getting so fast! You rock. i miss you btw!

  17. Nice job, Lizzy! Besides my first ever race as a runner, I've never run a 5K! So I have no idea whether I'd like it or not. It looks like you had a great day though - celebrating with beer is always a good idea, regardless of the hour :)

  18. 5k distance sounds hard to me! you did so good! love that you always celebrate right with beers.

  19. That looks like such a fun day!

  20. Awesome 5k!! I wish I did this one but I had some form of dance rehearsal everyday last weekend.
    I love the 5k because its what got me started running races, and now I can see why more experienced runners like it as they can work up their pace!

    and you should definintely try Lizzy's Ice good!

  21. so glad you guys came out! and congrats to both of you on great races!