Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tempo Tuesday & Workouts...

So my last workout post I talked about how I wanted to up my working out to at least 4 days.  5 if possible. Six when all things workout. Well the one thing I failed to mention in that post is that I have a 12 hour days everyday without working out.  Meaning I leave the house at 7:30am and don't get home until earliest 7pm.  There are days I can sneak out during lunch but those are few and far between.  Often I barely leave my chair during lunch. So on days I have to work late, I know I can't work out.  On days I work out in the morning, I leave at 6:15am and don't get home until 7pm.  Long days make it hard to fit in that workout, especially when I also love to cook!
Needless to say, I had a bad workout week.  It started off solid with a Spinning Class, a Speed Workout and an insane Boot Camp class on Wednesday.  But then I took Thursday and Friday off.  Saturday I ran 5 miles on the Cape and felt pretty good.  Sunday I had grand plans of running but it was down-pouring and I was lazy.  So the workouts looked like this:
Monday May 9: 
Spinning during lunch
Tuesday May 10: 
Speed Workout
Wednesday May 11: 
Boot Camp during lunch- 
Warmup: It starts with a warmup of running, high knees, butt kicks, walking lunges. Then its a 6 exercise circuit for 1 minute each. 
Circuit #1: 
1 min Jump Rope, 1 minute alt side lunge, 1 minute plank, alt leg crunch, 1 minute sumo squat and press with weights, 1 minute mountain climbers, 1 min rest 
Circuit #2: 
1 min rope, 1 minute 90 degree crunch and reverse crunch, 1 minute of spiderman, 1 minute of side lunge with weight, 1 minut of jump squat, 1 minute rest, 
Circuit #3: 
1 minute jump rope, 1 minute reverse lunge, 1 minute rocking plank, 1 minute bicycle crunches, 1 minute bridge, 1 minute skaters, Stretching
***(Oh and how did I remember this?  I asked the teacher if I could take a picture of her list with my phone, I'm sure she thought that was totally normal?!)***
Thursday May 12, Friday May 13: Off
Saturday May 14:
Ran 5 miles outside- 9:15 min pace
Sunday May 15: off

I wish I could say that with my disappointing workouts last week, I started this week with a bang.  But no.  I slept through my alarm Monday and rushed to make it to work by 7:30am.  And then I worked 7:30am-7:30pm.  Such is life.  I vowed today would be my day.

In the next couple weeks I am running 2 5Ks and the Corporate Challenge (3.5 miles).  I want to PR.  I want to run low 23s in the 5K.  My first race is the Tory Row 5K on Sunday.  Will you be there?  
Then I have the Corporate Challenge!  I'm one of the captains of my team and my first order of business was to order Expert Tech T's.  I actually ordered the same shirts we got for the DC National Half Marathon.  I love those shirts and they are only 5 bucks each!!!  They are from Expert Perfomance- check out the site if you are looking for shirts for a race! We just sent them out to get printed and I'm psyched about the shirt and the design.  I'll show you them once their finished : )
After the Corporate Challenge, I'm running the Foxboro 5K for Diabetes, a race I ran a few years ago.

So I have three chances to run fast.  As you know in order to run fast, I have to train fast so off to the treadmill I went this morning.  On tap for today was a tempo of sorts.  One mile warmup, 5K as fast to race pace as possible, 1 mile cooldown.

THE DEETS: Speed Tuesday- 1 mile warmup at 6.0mph 10 min pace, 3.1 miles in 24:09/7:46 pace, Cooldown: .15 walk at 3.0mph, .75 at 6.0. Total= 5 miles at 44:45, 8:57 pace.

Can I tell you this was SO hard for me but it felt good!  I do like that I progressively got faster.  I ran my first mile of the 5K at 8:06 and got faster as I went. It was definitely a challenge for me. One that I really liked!  Bring on the tempos!

Other races I'm signed up for include:
June 11: Mini 10K in NYC with a bunch of awesome blogger buddies

June 26: BAA 10K
August 14: Falmouth Road Race (I am actually looking to see if anyone wants my bib... I forgot I was planning a trip that weekend... leave me a comment if you are interested...)
Oh... and my marathon training begins at the end of June.  Did I mention I'm running another marathon with Becky?  Well, more on that later...

How do you balance work, life and working out? 


  1. Jean.maroney@gmail.comMay 17, 2011 at 10:14 PM

    Long time reading...first time posting :)

    YAY for Foxboro 5K. I am running it for the first time this year...looking forward to it.

  2. Just came across this blog - coincidentally!

  3. Early mornings and late nights... not fun, but my workouts get me through the day.

  4. You asked the instructor to take a photo! This is why I <3 you.

    Can I tell you how nervous I am for the 5K? I am excited to see you, but so afraid to run! I definitely think your training 5K starting at 8:06 and getting faster is so smart. I hope I can do something like that in the race!

    And did I mention how excited I am for that marathon? Woot!

  5. holy long days! And you manage to cook delicious meals too? I'm amazed :) My social life is the first thing to go when trying to balance it all. Not the best way, but sometimes it has to be so! I have no doubt you will be speedy during your races. Can't wait to meet you in June!

  6. early mornings are usually how I fit it in. Unless I'm traveling, I know I can count on Sat/Sun, so I like to try and squeeze 2 - 3 work days so I know I'm getting in at least 4. advertising makes it that much harder with our koo-koo hours!

    I miss you lizzy! So bummed I cant run the corp challenege too. damn Arnold. wish they did that :(

  7. The work/life balance is so incredibly tough - especially when you work/commute as much as you do. I honestly don't know how you do it, and am continually impressed that you are usually so good at sticking to a schedule. We'll always have weeks where things come up and we fall off it a little bit, but as long as you bounce back, you'll be fine!

    I'm getting excited for Tory Row this weekend!! And I want to run that Foxboro 5K too - that's pretty much local :)

  8. You are a rock star. You do SO much and it impresses the crap out of me.

    Can't wait for June! And good luck on your upcoming races. You will obviously be amazing.

  9. WHich marathon are you running? Did you get into Marines Corp? I am sad you are not going to Jake's run on the 11th of June, how about the Hyannis half memorial day weekend..

  10. Aaahh I don't know what it is about the ad industry lately but my friends and I have also been working nonstop the last couple of weeks! Hope your sched gets better soon. I'm running the Chase 5k too!

  11. I think you can definitely PR in one of those 5ks! You're always great about fitting in quality speed workouts, even when you're busy.
    I'm sure a lot of people can relate to feeling pulled in a lot of directions, and I give you a ton of credit for having 12 hour days and still being able to work out...I don't know what I would do! The lunchtime thing seems to work really well for you, which is awesome. I think to always remember that you're doing the best you can is key. That there are so many demands and priorities in life, and running and exercise are only one of them. I wish I could come watch your 5k this weekend - I will be there in spirit!!

  12. I wish I was around for the Foxboro race-- that's my little hometown! I'm running one in Southie that day, bummer. :) Is your Falmouth bib still up for grabs? If so, I am definitely interested. I was a big loser in the lottery. Hope you're having a fabulous week!

  13. It seems like you have tons of race opportunities! That's great Lizzy!

    Your sched looks legit--those are long days at work, but you're right, working out will make it so much better!

  14. Haha, I can't believe you signed up for another marathon! Well, actually I can ;) They're just a tad bit addicting. Can't wait to hear more about your plans!

  15. Ok, I know you said you wanted to run 500 times a week but this was still a great workout week. You make it sound like you skipped the whole week, silly. Sounds like a hardcore tempo run. Good luck on your races!!

  16. I'm sorry you had a bad workout week. I'm sure you'll do fine in your races though. Good luck!

  17. Good luck at your races!!!