Sunday, January 2, 2011

Accomplishments in 2010 & Goals in 2011

I left off saying I would get you this post before the New Year, but I wanted to really think about this and didn't want to rush it.  Plus I had an amazing New Years celebrating at my friend Stephanie's new Cape house (recap to come this week).
In 2010, two big things happened.  I ran two marathons.  I never dreamed I would run one never mind two!  Theo recently wrote about what it means to be a runner.  And I gotta tell you, I never ever considered myself a runner.  For many many years I was a sprinter (for those newbies, I ran track in HS and college- 400, 800).  I ran a half hour or less in my training.  I ran under 2.5 minutes of running for my races.  But I've changed.  In 2010, I became a runner.  And I hope to stay one for many years to come.
I've never really set resolutions before but I do set goals.  One of my goals in 2010 was to complete those two marathons as well as run 1000 miles. But I didn't want to kill myself trying to run those miles.  I knew I was in the high 900s after I ran NY but I didn't calculate my mileage until Friday and how lucky am I?! I actually completed 1009.86 miles in 2010!
The breakdown:
January: 56.50 
(Start of training for the Providence Marathon, took 1 week off due to rolling ankle)
Febuary: 104.08 
(Ran two races, Foxboro 10 Miler, Hyannis Half)
March: 136.10 
(Ran two races, Ras 5K and Eastern States 20 Miler - my first 20!)
April: 94.75 
(Ran my second 20 miler, tapered for Providence)
May: 41.20 
(Ran my first marathon on May 2nd! And not a lot else apparently)
June: 59.70 
(Went to Europe for two weeks, Ran 1 race- JP Morgan Challenge, began training for Marathon #2: New York)
July: 106.10
August: 121.18
September: 81.5 
(got injured again and had to cross train more than expected- ran my first 20 miler of the training season in lots of pain and then ran my second a few weeks later)
October: 112.20 
(ran my last 20 miler by running most of the Boston Marathon route backwards)
November: 46.30 
(Ran my second marathon: NY in a new PR)
December: 50.25

I'm taking time off from the marathon distance in 2011 but I do have some goals!
Running Goals in 2011
1. Beat my PR in the Half Marathon
2. If that goes well, I want to run sub 1:50
(I'm giving myself two chances, Hyannis Half in Feb, National Half in March)
3. Run a Blogger Relay
(Cape Relay in May!)
4. Concentrate on getting faster while running more short races
5. Switch it up, spin more, do more classes, lift more, cross train more
(It's really easy when you are training for marathons to beat yourself up about not hitting a certain amount of mileage each week but I am proof you can run a marathon on 3 days of running! This year I want to get back into other forms of cardio and lifting)
6. Lose 10+ pounds in my companies Biggest Loser Competition

I wasn't sure if I should write the last one because I am proud of everything I've accomplished in the last year at the weight I'm at.  And I am not unhappy with my body.  But I'm not sure I'm exactly happy with it either.  For a long time I've been eating whatever I want whenever I want it and not fueling my body properly.  Plus Runner's World says for every pound you lose, you'll run about two seconds faster per mile. And I want to get faster! 

Today, Stephanie, my friend Alli and I ran 12 miles on the Cape this morning.  
Both girls are training for Boston; their first marathon.  Can I just tell you the Cape is HILL-Y! Wow! I really struggled on this run.  I couldn't help but feel that if I was a bit thinner this wouldn't be as hard.  I know thats a little ridiculous but I also know, I need to break my bad eating habits lately!
12 Miles: 1:53:38/9:28 pace
Mile 1: 8:54, Mile 2: 9:10, Mile 3: 9:13, Mile 4: 9:20, Mile 5: 9:28, Mile 6: 9:42, Mile 7: 9:36, Mile 8: 9:47, Mile 9: 9:40, Mile 10: 9:48, Mile 11: 9:35, Mile 12: 9:25

Eating Goals in 2011
1. Eat Slower
(I eat so fast - I want to learn to enjoy food more and not stuff it in my face)
2. Eat more vegetarian meals (without the cheese)
3. Limit my eating while cooking
4. Limit my cheese intake
(Lord knows I couldn't give it up completely!)
5. Eat more fruit

Blog Goals in 2011
1. Update my header
(my friend Meg who is amazing Graphic Designer is 90% Done)
2. Write Shorter Posts 
(this is not a good example of that)
3. Have more of a focus in Blog Posting- either about food or running
4.  Meet more blogger buddies... YES, you!

So there you have it folks. Have you accomplished your 2010 goals?  What are your 2011 goals?


  1. My running goal is to PR in a marathon and get down to a more race friendly body fat percentage!

    I am also doing a relay--not a blogger one though-a teacher one, in May! I did Ragnar 2 years ago as a twitter friend relay though!

    Anddd lastly, I will be at Hyannis too, I am doing the 10k though. I am doing the New Bedford Half the month after!

    (Maybe I should add shorter comments to my 2011 goals?!)

  2. I'll be your friend! :P And this was still a shorter posts than some of your old posts! Seriously, don't beat yourself up over that!

  3. We need to meet in 2011!! Maybe we can find a race to do together or something.

  4. Great goals! I'm impressed with all the running you do and your laid back attitude. You take it serious, but aren't a nutjob about it. So refreshing to read! Happy New Year!

  5. Over 1000 miles in 2010! That's amazing, Lizzy! Happy new year, Suga!

  6. That's awesome! I am writing a similar post as we speak and I definitely would like to be more cognizant of what I eat and how I exercise. Good luck! And hope to meet you in 2011!

  7. I'll help you with your last goal! :)

    I think you're amazing. I can't even imagine running more than 5 miles.

  8. I like these - yay running :) hehe, one thing I'm trying to do more of lately is eat MORE cheese. seriously. it's so good - to think I've been missing out all these years...

    Would love to meet you in 2011!

  9. nice goals all around Lizzy!! I look forward to getting fast and skinny with you in 2011 :)

  10. Great post! congrats on 1000 miles and 2 marathons this year! oh yea, the cape is totally hilly :)

  11. Eating #4 - Sorry, you are on your own. I'm all about cheese... especially just straight out of the fridge and onto a cracker.

    Blog #2 and 3 - I like your length and mix of food/running... the mix is what makes your blog unique and keeps me reading

    Blog #4 - Yes, please. Unfortunately, my 2 travelling races are marathons, so that's a no go. Wanna do a half in Texas? The races are nice and FLAT here... perfect for a PR!

  12. Great break down and organization for your GOALS for 2011 Lizzy!

    Where did you run in college? I was a sprinter, LJ and Triple Jumper in HS.

    I think you look great and don't know where those 10 lbs will come from!!

  13. Good for you! Wow, that's amazing all that you've accomplished in a year...look forward to 2011 and hopefully seeing you more!

  14. I love reading everyone's running and non-running goals for the new year! You seem really focused and passionate about what you want to do. It made me smile when you said you first saw yourself as a "runner" this year - there's no magical distance that makes someone a runner, it's an internal thing and it's awesome that you got there!
    We should meet up in 2011! :)

  15. 2010 looks like an awesome running year for you! I'm running the National Half too so we will definitely meet then. Maybe we can pace each other since I'm trying to break 1:50 too.

  16. How's this for a 2011 goal - we finally get together!