Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weekly Workouts + Gym Pet Peeves

I wish I could write about the successful week of workouts I had... but truth is, I got sick on Thursday and since then my workouts have slacked.  It's definitely a case of "should I push myself even though I'm sick or should I hold off.." I ran an awesome speed workout on Tuesday and felt great on my 10K treadmill run on Wednesday.  Then I took Thursday and Friday off.  I went to the gym late in the day yesterday to hopefully get through 11.  I got through 8.  It was a combination of things that made me stop: my stomach, my sore throat, time (we were meeting another couple for dinner) and my head.  Sometimes I feel like its easier to cheat on the treadmill versus outside.  Sometimes I give in to my brain and quit.  At 8 miles I said to myself, "You can do the extra 4 tomorrow." But today is that day and an 8 mile run on one day and a 4 mile run on another does not equal 11 miles together.  You don't get 15 hours during a half marathon.  So...I'm taking another rest day to get healthy. Hopefully next week will be better!
And here is the Weekly Recap of Workouts:
Monday 1/24: 
Day Off- Long Commute
Tuesday 1/25:
Speed Workout, 5 miles/45:45/8:58 pace, 1 mile: 8:21, 1 mile: 8:09, 1 mile 7:39, 1 minute rest
Wednesday 1/26: 
Physical Therapy
10K in 55:37 (8:57 pace) on treadmill, lifted legs
Thursday 1/27:
Snow Day, sick
Friday 1/28: 
Day off, Sick
Saturday 1/29:
8 Miles on treadmill 1:14, 9:14 pace, 1.0 incline
Sunday 1/30:
Total: 3 days running, 19.20 miles, 1 Days of Lifting, 4 Days off
 Biggest Loser update- down 1 pound and .5% Body Fat. 
Hopefully, this week will be better! I have big plans for the week- one of my best friends Stephanie's Birthday on Tuesday, Half Marathon before work on Friday with Stephanie and the Super Sunday 10K with my brother and tons of friends! I've also planned an awesome menu for the week using my new favorite kitchen tool: Mini Loaf Pan!
It's Mini Loaf Week!
Planned Meals for the Week:
Sunday: Surf and Turf Mini Loafs- Mini Turkey Meatloaf & Spicy Shrimp Loafs
Monday: Mini Lasagna Loafs
Tuesday: Quinoa Loafs
Wednesday: Sweet Potato Tofu Loafs
Thursday: Leftovers
Can't wait to get cooking : )

On another note,  Sara at Meals and Manhattan recently wrote about her Gym Pet Peeves and I thought it was hysterical so I'm going to partake in my biggest pet peeves.  For the most part, I love my gym so I don't have toooo many but of course I have a few! Mostly it's people related, not exactly gym related..
In the Gym:
Holding onto the top of the treadmill while running.  
(There's a girl at my gym who runs 5-6 miles while holding on the entire time... it bothers me soooo much, I want to tell her to just slow down instead of holding on... like whatttt?? You can't hold on outside!)
Odd Stretches
(There is this dude at my gym who does the most uncomfortably sexual looking stretches I've ever seen and then holds then for a long time.)
Working in on my sets
(I lift like twice a week.  When I do, its such a pet peeve when a guy wants to "work in" on my sets.  I do 3X10.  Takes like 5 min max.  Can't they wait?  Go to a different machine?)
Improper form on the spin bike
(I get it, proper form on the spin bike can be hard but at least fake it.  Spinning really can be as hard or as easy as you want it to according to how YOU adjust the resistance.  But I mean if we are doing Position 1, 2 or 3, please at least pretend to hold the position.  There is this older woman at the gym who takes all these spinning classes and just bounces around in position 2 the entire class. Its distracting and annoying.)
Locker Room
Disgusting things in the Shower
There is some woman who hocks a loogie (I had to look up spelling on that one) in the shower.  It makes me want to vomit.  This is a public space and do you think we can't hear you? NASTY!
Taking forever to get ready
I find it hysterical how long it takes some people to get ready at the gym.  They spend just as much time in the locker room as they do in the gym!  I literally get ready in ten minutes.  I don't think I've dried my hair in a year.  No joke!
There is no need to sit on benches or sit on the floor naked.  Put some clothes on people.  Grossness!

I'm sure this is popular subject... 
What are some of your biggest pet peeves at the gym?!?!
and.. Have you used a mini-loaf pan?


  1. Congrats on the mini loaf pan! I can't wait to see those quinoa loaves! I have a 4-loaf mini loaf pan, and I often make quick breads in there, so I have 1 mini loaf to eat right away and then others to put in the freezer.

  2. People do some strange things at the gym. It drives me crazy when people don't use any resistance on the bike or the elliptical. They just move their legs like crazy and bounce around. I don't get it.

  3. That pan is awesome - think of all the (adorable) possibilities. The shower etiquette at the gym (loogies, hair everywhere, unnecessary nudity) bothers me a lot. I probably take 20-25 minutes to get ready bc I do dry my hair - but I also don't understand how people linger. Don't they have work or somewhere to be?!

  4. I want a mini loaf pan! I hate guys who grunt and groan very loudly and repeatedly. And worse, one guys does that while lifting 10 lb dumbbells. And the nakedness weirds me out too. One woman once asked me if she can freelance for my company, while she was standing completely naked in the locker room :p

  5. What an impressive menu of mini loaves! I just made your Green Monster mini loaf recipe this morning but I did not have a mini loaf pan so it was a big monster instead. ;)

    I actually do not go to a gym often, but I have to say your pet peeves are hysterical. Not funny obviously for you in the situation, but reading them makes me laugh and know exactly why I choose to work out at home.

  6. Haha, this is great. People do the most ridiculous things! Unnecessary nakedness bothers me too - particularly sitting on benches naked, its not sanitary!! It also makes me laugh the people who bring their straighteners, curling irons, and huge makeup bags to the gym. Think of all the time they could be saving!
    I hope you feel better soon, Lizzy. I think you were totally right to take today off rather than suffer through 4 miles. You are much better off letting your body get back to normal. Eat lots of fruits, veggies, and tea!

  7. People talking on their cell phones is a big one for me. Also, when I'm on a treadmill and someone is trying to talk to the person on the treadmill next to me and they try to stand in between the two treadmills. Personal space invasion!

  8. Congrats on the continued weight loss! I hope you feel better soon. Which meatloaf recipe are you making? I'm making meatloaf tonight!

  9. I personally hate the grunters at the gym. And yes, the women in yoga pants with full make-up leisurely reading magazines trying not to break any sort of sweat. Or people lifting weights or stretching in an obviously very wrong way. I guess I have a lot of peeves...hehe

    Rest up and get healthy, girl! Hope you feel better soon :)

  10. Very curious about the sweet potato tofu loaves!

    And oh man, I definitely have my share of gym pet peeves. They involve men lifting trying to show off with way too much weight, resulting in horrible form. Guys who only ever train upper body - never seen them do a squat or deadlift, ever. Women who are afraid of the weights area - come with me, I'll show you it's ok! And trainers who don't train properly.

    The getting ready thing - do you mean, people who are working out in the morning then going to work? I must say, this is one of the reasons I don't go to the gym in the morning. It takes me waaaay too long to get ready and I'd have to carry SO much stuff! I simply can't not dry my hair or skip putting on makeup! I envy those who can though.

  11. I think those pans are adorable. I want that brownie pan where every brownie has an edge.

    Naked people at the gym are gross. Hey, at least they're confident though!

  12. The NAKED THING!!! # 1 pet peeve ever...I especially hate seeing people I know (i.e. old teachers, current teachers, friends) naked in the gym. It is so bothersome, it is not that hard to just wear a bra and underwear is it? What is the point of being naked....whyyyyy.

  13. Hahahah! The holding on to the treadmill and gross things in locker room are my top ones. There is a guy that walks at like a 15% grade but holds on the whole time. I always want to say something to him too but I just give him an obvious "you're an idiot look" instead. When someone does something gross I just say under my breath "gross" semi-loudly. They probably don't even notice or hear but it makes me feel better.

  14. I HATE THE NAKED PEOPLE and people that hold on to the treadmill really bother me, too. Actually, I saw a friend do it at the gym recently and I just wanted to tell her to stop!

  15. Haha this list is awesome!! And the picture of that woman!! Yikes -- there are no words...

    I have many of the same pet peeves. I don't understand why people get on ANY machine and then spend their entire workout bent over on it like they absolutely cannot muster the energy to stand up straight. How is that helping you!? Especially when you're on an elliptical with no resistance!! I see so many people (mostly girls) spinning their legs at 90 miles an hour on those things. Are they afraid they'll bulk up too much if they add a tiny bit of resistance?? I also hate when people stare at me when I'm lifting. I only use the free weights and so am over there with a bunch of big guys, which is intimidating enough as it is!! But then to have them watch me do my sets -- and sometimes give me "tips" about how I can do things better is the worst. Makes me feel so awkward.

    Anyway, I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well. I think you made a good decision to cut your run short and then take a day of rest. You need to let your body recover! Sounds like a fun and busy week ahead, so I hope you're feeling as good as new by tomorrow. :)

  16. LOVE yours! T-mill holders, excellent one! xoxo

  17. HAHAHAHAHA! I love your gym pet peeves! I know the EXACT dude you're talking about with the overtly sexual stretches, it makes me SO uncomfortable!!!

    I miss our lunch gym dates so much! My new gym is great, but definitely different, there are a lot more old school southie people that just go there to walk around and talk to their friends. That has to be one of my biggest gym pet peeves...OR, people that are on a machine and DO NOT USE IT, they just sit there hogging it and talking to their friends.

    Oh yeah, and people that stand around naked for more than a couple minutes while not actively dressing make me very uncomfortable. I want to say, do that at home!!!

  18. hi, new follower here! I did a post about this once too. I agree with all of yours. I work part time at my gym, so I feel like I am privy to seeing wayyyy too much. It always astounds me that people treat the gym like their own personal place? (i.e. being naked, not wearing enough clothes, and doing appropriate stretches).