Sunday, January 9, 2011

Planning for a Healthy Week...

This morning I met up with my friend Nancy at her gym to run ten miles.  Unfortunately, this was REALLY difficult for me and while Nancy ran 10 miles in 1:22, I ran 9 miles. So needless to say I struggled a lot.  I got through it, but it was definitely one of those runs where from mile 1 I was having difficulty. It was fun to run next to my buddy though.  Although, I do wish we ran outside because on my drive home, I saw tons of runners training for Boston.  There were groups and groups of them!
 But let's see how I did this week with workouts...
Week of 1/3/10-1/9/10
Date: Monday January 3
Route/Workout:  Physical Therapy
Total Time: 1.5 hours... cross training, lifting legs, electric stim, ice

Date: Tuesday January 4
Route/Workout:  Speed Tuesday, outside on the Charles, 1 mile warmup, 4X800 with 400 meter rest, 1.25 mile run
Mileage: 5.25 mile run
Total Time: 51:40 minutes
Workout: 1 Mile Slow Warm Up, 800 at 3:59 (7:59 pace), .25 mile slow jog, 800 at 3:52 (7:46 pace), .25 mile slow jog, 800 at 3:51 (7:44 pace), .25 mile slow jog, 800 at 3:49 (7:40 pace)
1.25 Mile Slow Cooldown

Date: Wednesday January 4
Route/Workout:  Physical Therapy
Total Time: 1.5 hours... cross training, lifting legs, electric stim, ice

Date: Friday January 6
Route/Workout: Treadmill Run 3.1 miles
Total Time: 28 minutes, went during lunch, struggled.

Date: Sunday January 8
Route/Workout:  Treadmill at the Gym
Total Time: 1:22

Mileage: 9 miles
Pace: 9:06 

Totals: 3 Days of Running, 2 Days of Cross Training/Lifting, 2 Days of Rest=  17.35 miles 

In addition this week, we had our first weigh in for Biggest Loser.  I weighed in pretty heavy and I'm ready to shed some lbs! The interesting thing is we also got measured for Body Fat Percentage using this handy tool.
My body weight percentage was 28% which is out of the normal range.  I did some research and "For women between age 20 and 40, 19% to 26% body fat is generally good to excellent." (Source) 
According to another site 14-24% is for Athletes/Fitness. Source
So, I am currently in the "Acceptable Range."  I need to change that.  I would like to get in the fitness category while also losing weight.  How I plan to do that is to change my workout and eating habits.  For workouts, I KNOW I HAVE TO SWITCH IT UP!  I get way too used to going to the gym and just RUNNING. Our competition is linked with Equinox gym (only the nicest gym in Boston) so I will start to take more classes there- cycling, yoga, pilates, treadmill classes, muscle conditioning.  This is the key to my body fat and body weight loss.  I know it and I need to stick with it!

For food, I am going to decrease meat and cheese in my diet.  At the grocery store yesterday, I stocked up on fish, veggies and tofu.  I'm ready for a successful week of eating.. want to know the plan for the week?? Cannot wait to post about these meals-

Saturday: Avocado Baked Cod (inspired by Cara) - Already made this- it rocked!
Sunday: Thai Bouillabaise (Eating Well)
Monday: Southwestern Pizza (Lauren)
Tuesday: Tofu Nuggets (Bianca)
Wednesday: Spicy Kale + Tofu (Cara)
Thursday: Cioppini (Eating Well)

The main ingredients: fish, avocado, tofu and kale.

So that's my plan: Eat healthier and switch up workouts while also continuing to try to get fast.

How are your New Years goals going?


  1. Good luck Lizzy! I need to amp up my routine too and always looking for ideas, so I'm definitely looking forward to reading about your workouts and meals! I hope you like the tofu nuggets!! I wish my office had a Biggest Loser challenge too...

  2. I gotta get my hands on that thingy to see my body fat %. Last time I measured was about 7 years ago. 0_0

  3. Good luck! I, too, am trying to be more careful about what i eat. Actually mostly how much I eat. So far, so good!

  4. that looks like an awesome menu! i love that your company does this challenge. I'll be rooting for you. best of luck!!

  5. That menu sounds delicious! I can't wait to hear about the cod!

    All those runners outside... I give them a TON of credit. I need to get over the mental game of running outside in the freezing cold. Not only do I start super cold but overheat in only a few miles, but I'm afraid I'm going to slip and fall!

  6. sounds like a good plan! For me, XT like spinning and elliptical with some weight lifting helps get a little leaner. Your menu for this week sound delish. My new year's goals were more long-term, but so far so good!

  7. Your plan for the week sounds great - I hope to someday get it together enough to plan my meals for the week and shop accordingly.
    I did the body fat percentage test a while ago and it really woke me up to the importance of strength training and yoga.

  8. Sorry you had a tough long run. Sounds like your training the rest of the week went well though!

    And as much as I love running, when I want to tone up/shed body fat, I also turn to other activities. I always wish running was better for that, seeing as it's my favorite form of exercise. It sounds like you have a good plan. Good luck!!

  9. 9 miles at 9:06/mi is nothing to sneeze at. I'm sorry it didn't feel good, but you still rocked it!

    Your meal plan for the week looks great. I need to be better about planning ahead. I also need to keep switching up my workouts. I am happy with my weight, but I would like some strengthening and toning and I can't get it from running. I wish I could! I'm trying to strength train, spin, and go to yoga/pilates. Have a great week!

  10. 9 miles is still pretty awesome! I'm going to look at those recipes that you posted; they sound really good.

  11. Good luck!
    Your menu looks great. Definitely start strength training. Muscle burns fat (not that you don't know that already)!

  12. I LOVE your new banner! So cute! Good luck this week!

  13. My new years goals are going very well!

    Southwestern pizza sounds delicious! Can't wait to see it.

  14. The Kale + Tofu on Cara's blog caught my eye too, excited to see how yours comes out!

  15. Great job on the run! That's an awesome pace, especially for the treadmill.

    And don't take too much stock in what the machine said your body fat was. I used one of those and it said it was 29%. Then I had it measured using calipers- a much more reliable and valid method- a few days later and it was 21%. So don't worry too much :)

  16. I've done the body fat test with one of those and it was also crazy high. Bleh. Well we're all works in progress :)
    Do you know how much an equinox membership costs? I really want to check it out - heard such amazing things about the gym!