Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Speed Tuesday - 4X800

Good morning everyone!!! Who am I? Three posts in three days! Woah! I woke up bright and early to run 4X800s (half mile) with  my friend Meg (@MegaMega714) around the Charles.  I was planning to do my speed on the treadmill like I usually do but when Meg asked to run I thought it wouldn't be too hard to do the workout outside.

Meg is also the brains and designer behind my A-MAZING new header!! Do you love it??? I think it suits me pretty well.  I had the idea that I wanted an animated Lizzy cooking while also running through the window and Meg put the idea to life.  She is amazingly creative and talented and I am pretty psyched with the design.  Check out her design website- amazing stuff!  She also gave me one of her awesome kitchen towels that she designed... how cute is this?!?  I'm thinking I want a Food to Run For one...Meg, what do you think? Click on the towels below to go to Meg's blog! How cool!
In addition to her amazing illustrating skills, she also is a pretty sick runner and I'm convinced running with Meg will help me get faster! 

As I've mentioned the last couple weeks, I get my speed workouts from a local running club and I try to base my times on my fastest 5K/10K.  Meaning I try to do my speed somewhere in the 7:20-8:20 minute range.

Planned Workout:
1 Mile Slow Warm Up
.50 Mile at 7:50 Pace

2 minutes walking or .25 mile rest
.50 Mile at 7:45 Pace

2 minutes walking or .25 mile rest
.50 Mile at 7:40 Pace

2 minutes walking or .25 mile rest
.50 Mile at 7:35

1 Mile Slow Cooldown
 As I thought, this was a little aggressive for where I'm at in my training.  Also with the cold, wind and some hills (we ran up the ramps on the river) this was a bit challenging.  I think I mayyyybe could have hit these times on the treadmill but its better I did this outside because who knows what conditions I will have in Feb. And honestly, we weren't THAT far off.. check it out.

Actual Workout: 
 1 Mile Slow Warm Up
800 at 3:59 (7:59 pace)
.25 mile slow jog
800 at 3:52 (7:46 pace)
.25 mile slow jog
800 at 3:51 (7:44 pace)
.25 mile slow jog
800 at 3:49 (7:40 pace)
1.25 Mile Slow Cooldown
5.25 Miles, 51 minutes

So how did I calculate distance, time and pace?  I calculated distance on my Garmin 305, Meg calculated time on her sports watch and I calculated our pace when I got on the computer on Cool Running's website using the Pace Calculator.   
You should do this workout, it's a good one! And surprisingly, I actually enjoyed doing speed outside... maybe my days on the treadmill are numbered...
(I picked a good time since I probably wouldn't be able to get a treadmill at the gym this week anyway)
PS- Meg and I are going to run the Super Sunday 10K.  If you live in Boston, you should sign up!  It's flat and fast and there is a 5K option... do it! February 6th! Kimmy, Corey?


  1. Lizzy, I am definitely in for the Super Sunday 10k IF I'm in Boston!! I might head up north to VT that weekend and come back on Sunday before the big game. I will keep you posted! If I'm in town we definitely need to have a post race meal at my apartment, it's so close by!!

    Great work on the speed work!!!

  2. I love the new header! I am thinking of updating my colors but I haven't had a chance to test any out yet though.

  3. I wish I could run that race with you. Maybe one day I'll be able to run again.

    Great job on your speed!

  4. I am definitely going to try this run today, unfortunately I have to do it on the treadmill. I will let you know how it goes. Alli

  5. LOVE the new header! Its totally adorable. Love all the kale!

  6. This looks tough but more appealing than the mile repeats I have on schedule! GREAT RUN!!

    Can I borrow Meg!! The header is fabulous!

  7. Great workout. Sounds like a ton of fun.

    Today I did a speed workout as well.

    Here is what was planned
    10-20 minute warm-up
    1200 6:30pace
    1000 6:18pace
    800 6:14pace
    600 6:12
    400 6:06
    200 6:04

    It was awesome. I did it outside as well and I wasn't at those paces except for the first and last I was pushing the HR fairly high.

    Glad you enjoyed the speed work. Keep it up.

  8. LOVE the new header!! Like I tweeted, I think it fits you really well :)
    Nice speed workout! Sounds like you pretty much hit your plan. I am grateful I got one in yesterday before I slipped and fell - gr.
    That race on the 6th sounds fun! That will be the day after I do a 17 miler, buy maybe I could do it as an easy recovery run?? Never know!

  9. Omg LOVE the new header. Seriously, it's one of my favorites of any blog. So cute and originial :)

    Great job on the speed workout! It will pay off. Good luck in your 10k. I so wish I lived closer so I could join you.

  10. Meg is super talented! Your header is perfect!

    I am really excited to try this workout tomorrow. You did amazing...and outside! Nice. I am going to imagine you're my running buddy tomorrow :)

  11. Love love LOVE the new header!! It's so cute...and so perfect! Now I sort of want an animated Lauren for my own blog. ;)

    Congrats on the great speed workout. You have become my motivation to stick with my speedwork each week.

  12. Absolutely love your new header... it's perfect!

    I am committed to starting speed workouts... if I don't report on them, you have my permission to kick my rear into shape!

  13. Nice speedwork!! This makes me miss running along the Charles - what route do you normally do? My old route was a combo of the Longfellow, BU bridge or farther out by Harvard. So lovely :)

  14. You are SO making me miss running around the Charles with this post!

    I used to hate running in the cold but now that I've trained for a half marathon in it, I've totally gotten used to it. Now even walking outside doesn't feel that bad!

    Oh speedwork. How I love to hate thee. Awesome workout though!