Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mid Week Running & Oscar Noms

I had a feeling today would be a snow day so I ran my Thursday run yesterday.  Which means I broke my rule about not running two days in a row.  I've suffered from Achilles tendonitis for about a year and a half now so I try to be extra cautious, especially after speed days.  But now I'm actually happy I ran yesterday because I'm currently lying in bed with a really bad headache/sore throat that I hope won't turn into anything too serious.  But to be extra safe, I'm planning to do my long run on the treadmill again this weekend. However, next weekend I'm getting outside no matter what- RACE DAY- Super Sunday 10K!

Tuesday I woke up super early to get to the gym.  After Monday's commuter fiasco I was pretty happy with only a 15 minute delay.  I got to the gym, jumped on my treadmill and got cranking.  The workout was 3X1Mile with 1 Minute rest at 10K pace.  My goals every time I do speed is to get progressively faster with each interval.

1 mile at 6.0mph, 1.0 incline
1 mile at 8:21 (7.1-7.2mph)
1 minute rest (I ended up just jumping on the sides of the treadmill and drinking water for a minute)
1 mile at 8:09 (7.3-7.4mph)
1 minute rest
1 mile at 7:39 
(I started at 8.0mph and went up every 400 meters- I felt good on this, apparently I had a lot left!)
then I walked a quarter mile and jogged .75 until I hit 5 miles
5 miles/45:45/8:58 pace

I felt awesome on this run!  I love running intervals.  Ten miles was painful on the treadmill Sunday but felt great on Tuesday. 

Wednesday I woke up early again and got to the treadmill.  I just wanted to run at a fairly easy pace for 6 miles and slowly get faster.  I ended up running a 10K in 55:37 (8:57 pace).

I'm running a 10K next weekend.  I'm not exactly sure what my goal is- I would love to hold an 8:30 pace but not entirely sure thats possible, but we'll see!

On a non-running note, I want to talk about the Oscar Nominations for Best Picture.
I've seen Inception, Black Swan, The Social Network, and The Fighter.  I want to see 127 Hours and The King's Speech.  I loved all the movies I saw except Black Swan.  Social Network had a great story.  The Fighter had a wonderful story and passionate, amazing acting. (Christian Bale is the best actor of our generation, Melissa Leo was extremely impressive and Amy Adams nailed the part as a girl from Lowell). Inception took you into a new world, made you think and left the end up to your interpretation.  I guess you could say the same about Black Swan but in my opinion, it just wasn't interesting enough. I've read countless reviews on Black Swan.  I am seriously fascinated with this movie, and more, why it has so much buzz.

To quote a review on Screen Rant: "In terms of technique, Darren Aronofsky’s Black Swan is arguably a masterpiece. The way Aronofsky manipulates sight, sound and editing to create this story of ambition and madness, shows that he is truly one those increasingly-rare directors who is worthy of the title “filmmaker,” as oppossed to “glorified video game and/or music video maker." So why am I not yet ready to tout Black Swan as “the film of the year?” Because for all its technical marvel -- and wonderful performances -- the movie falls short of its primary goal: conveying a moving and/or interesting story."
And that's exactly how I felt about Black Swan- the story, screenwriting, and acting were not developed enough.  And in my opinion, Natalie Portman was not the star of the movie- the director of the ballet, Thomas (Vincent Cassell) was and I think he is the one who got snubbed with the Oscars noms.

I used to love Darren Aronofsky (I even wrote a report on Requiem in college) but I'm not sure my POV on films is the same anymore.  I used to care more about cinematography, editing, and effects then I did about the actual film/story.  I'm older now and what is most important to me about a film is the story. Screen Rant wrote this and I wholeheartedly agree
"a clear visual metaphor is established: to this character (Nina- Natalie Portman) there is no outside world, only the world as it exists in her mind. This would be an intriguing approach if Nina was a more intriguing character. However, sadly, this was not the case. I will say that Portman delivers an impassioned performance in this film, in the sense that she wholeheartedly attacks the role in much the same way that her character is asked to attack a set of pirouettes at one point. Yet Nina is not what I would call a complex or interesting character -- in fact, I dare say she is one-note: crazy" He goes on to say that in this film Nina's character goes from "crazy  to crazier." 

So I guess you could say I just didn't like the story.  However, The Fighter and Social Network were fascinating stories that captivated me the entire time. People also talk about how The Town got snubbed.  I liked the action of The Town but it failed on two major points in my opinion: acting and believability.  Blake Lively was the worst casting I've ever seen for a trashy, drugged out Charlestown girl.  And the relationship between Ben and the banker was so unrealistic and the ending just pissed me off.  Am I alone?

I love films that make you think, that have tremendous acting, that are relate-able and have interesting stories. But I'm not going to tell you I'm a total film snob.  After all, I did watch Valentine's Day this morning (and actually enjoyed it)! And I may be currently watching Adventures in Babysitting as I type...hehe.

What film do you think should win Film of the Year at the Oscars?  
And did you run Speed this week?  What was the workout?


  1. I loved Black Swan and thought Portman did a great job, but I'm not sure it's worthy of an oscar.

    I loved The Town. I just saw it last night. I thought Blake did a good job and reminded me of a few girls I know. hahaha!

  2. Gah - I haven't seen ANY of those movies!! I really want to see Social Network though, and the King's Speech. I guess I should get moving.

    Nice running! Good that you are playing it safe, and hope you feel better soon. At least you are sick when there is hellish weather out, yeah?

  3. Great job with the intervals!! It's great when you really get into those workouts and feel good - when I can tell myself "wow I feel great right now" I can go even faster.
    I ran an interval and tempo run this week - they went pretty well, considering I was on the treadmill again. I really hope to get outside soon!

  4. intervals is the ONLY way i can really get any mileage on the tmill! GREAT RUN! :)

  5. AWESOME WORKOUT!!! Dang, woman you are speedy. I LOVE speed workouts when I am in the right mood for them:) I don't know very much about movies...I know I am lame. So good to know that you are super speedy at getting ready and going to work, we are so alike:)

  6. I'm planning on seeing The King's Speech tomorrow. I liked Black Swan and The Fighter a lot but I don't think either one was particularly Oscar worthy. I do think Christian Bale should win for Best Supporting Actor. For best picture, I think 127 Hours should win and that James Franco should win Best Actor. Pretty much 75% of the movie is just him in one place and it's enthralling. That's some good acting.

  7. First of all, thanks again for the half marathon training plan. Reading your blog and your running workouts is so inspiring. Looks like you had such a great workout, congrats!

    As for the Oscar noms, I've only seen Inception, Social Network, The Kids are Alright and Toy Story 3. I'm definitely planning to catch The Fighter and Black Swan, especially after hearing all the great reviews. I am super excited for the Oscars, especially with James Franco and Anne Hathaway hosting!

    I hope you feel better from your headache/sore throat!

  8. I thought Blake nailed that part! but what do I know. As you might have gathered from my earlier review, I loved the Town, but i never expected it for Oscar noms, so no disappointment there. True Grit is listen and I'm happy for that. I had a conversation about someone with Black Swan last night saying I've got to see it! I enjoyed reading your take. Inception deserves to be there too. I think I need to see more before I can pick a winner!

  9. First of all, I hope you feel better soon!! Sorry you're feeling sick! :(

    Secondly, great job on the intervals!! Sounds like you had an awesome workout. I'm really loving the treadmill for speed days this winter.

    And finally, I don't know all that much about movies, but I did really love Inception and the Social Network. I've actually been dying to see Inception again...just to see if I'd have a different interpretation this time. As you know, I also liked Black Swan, but i think I liked it because it disturbed me so much (I realize this is a weird reason to like something haha). Maybe I'm easily disturbed, but I thought Natalie Portman did a great job with the character, and I really liked it from a psychological standpoint...particularly in terms of all the mesed up relationships. But I do see your point, and can agree with the review that her character isn't really ALL that interesting.

    I also really want to see the King's Speech and 127 Hours! I've heard great things about both!

  10. @Daisy @melissa I love blake on gossip girl but I just thought she was way too hot for the role...what they did to amy adams in the fighter was spot on!

  11. I have so many movies to see! And so many speed workouts to do! I think I'm still buried under three feet of snow.

    Great run! Hope you feel better today.

  12. Great speed workout! I did a tempo run this week and it made the treadmill much less boring.
    I'm actually way behind on seeing the Oscar movies. I liked Black Swan but would never see it again because it was too freaky.
    p.s. feel better!

  13. Hi Liz! hope you're feeling better....

    We just saw A King's Speech - AMAZING... loved it. Colin firth definitely deserves it - I also loved helena b. and geoffrey rush too.

    I actually liked Black Swan a lot... Thought the fighter was good - totally agree that Christian Bale and Melissa Leo were what MADE that movie though... both awesome.

    Thought Social Network was great too... but not Best movie over Kings Speech.

    Matt saw Winter's Bone & thought it was excellent too. We should have an Oscar party!!

  14. Sadly I haven't seen ANY of those movies! I dont know why but I have the hardest time actually getting myself to the movies, but I do want to see them!
    Your run sounds great! Works been ridiculous the past two weeks, and I've barely had time to work out, which I hate! But it's definintely on the schedule tomorrow :)
    Was at Natick Mall with my mom for a few today...purchases at Gap and Banana haha!

  15. I am totally amazed and impressed that you did 10 miles on the treadmill. I don't think I could ever do it.

    I have faith in your 10K speed abilities! Just make sure not to go out too fast!

    I definitely need to see The Social Network. My roommate is dating the brother of one of the facebook creators (the Indian one) and so I feel like I should see it based on that alone! Plus it's supposed to be super good.

  16. Since this is the "off-season" for triathlon, my coach has me doing different types of speed routines. In the spring/summer it is definitely 400's and 800's on the track (which is conveniently 1.5miles from my house!). But in the winter it's longer intervals and varied workouts - last week it was 2m warm up, 1m at 10K +10sec pace, 1m easy, 1m at 10K+5sec pace, 1m cool down. This week it is 70 minutes starting out easy and increasing the pace by 5 sec each mile.

    I'm so bad at pacing so the treadmill is a lot easier for these workouts! But so monotonous!

    And - George and I saw Black Swan. I thought it was okay but he LOVED it. But he's a musician and knows Swan Lake really well. That may be part of its intrigue (?).