Monday, July 20, 2009

Weekly Runs 7/12-7/18

This was not the greatest week for me, but I still managed to run 29 miles in only three days. Hopefully this week will be better, but if today is any indication, I'm not too thrilled. Goal is to hit over 30 for the week 7/19-7/26.

Planned Runs for Week of 7/19:
Sunday: off
Monday: 3.5 Miles, Done
Tuesday: 10-12 miles
Wednesday: cross training off or lifting
Thursday: 6 miles, strength training
Friday: 12-14 miles
Saturday: off

Total Miles: 33.5

Week of 7/12-7/18
Time Spent Running: 4 hours 17 minutes
Total Mileage: 29 miles

Monday, on treadmill, ran solid 9 at 7:15 AM

Date7 /13/2009
Distance9.00 mi

Tuesday = OFF Day

Wednesday=ran around Charlestown with Laryssa and Nancy at 6:30 PM

Date7 /15/2009
RouteCharlestown-Memorial-Bridge-Storrow-Harvard Bridge-Memorial-Bridge-Storrow
Distance9.75 mi

Thursday= off day

Friday = off day

Saturday - ran on treadmill at North Shore gym at 12 PM

Date7 /18/2009
RouteNorth Shore Treadmill
Distance10.00 mi

Total Mileage for 7/12-7/18= 29 miles (IN THREE DAYS!)

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