Monday, April 20, 2009

Birthday Celebration Part 4 - the real deal!

Today is my birthday!! And the forth day of celebrating. I was honestly exhuasted by today! haha. Due to the marathon, Ashland closed down at 7:30AM so we needed to get out of the hosue early. My brother got to my house around 7:15 and we left shortly after to go to my fathers house to run around there. My father lives in between 135 and the Mass Pike. Mike and I had planned on going into the city to watch the marathon so we knew we had to get on the right side of 135 before the roads closed in order to get there. We also wanted to run before the race began. We ran 4.75 miles, most on the marathon course. It was a nice, relaxing run.

Date4 /20/2009
RouteRichie's House to Natick Center
Distance4.75 mi

After the run, we quickly got ready and then headed to Brookline. We parked on Harvard Ave and got bagels at our favorite bagel shop- Kupel's Bakery. I got the Tom Brady special. Atlantic Salmon, Chive Cream Cheese, Sesame Bagel, Red Onions and Tomatoes. OMG, this WAS AMAZING!! Perfect way to start my day!

Then we watched the marathon right around the mile 24 marker. Its such an amazing feat and I wish I could do it SOMEDAY. Not sure I ever could though. Here we are watching the race:

After we were out in the cold for three plus hours, we decided to get some soup at Panera. Mike ordered the mushroom soup and I ordered the tomato soup, but we switched half way through because I liked his better. Afterall, it is my birthday : )

Once we got home, I prepped a ton more food for the week. I made more donut holes and a brocolli mash and taco 'meat' filling and cut up vegetables, etc. At 6, we headed to my mothers to celebrate what else? My birthday. My mom made one of my favorite dishes- stuffed sole with creamed spinach, potatoes and a strawberry salad. Here is my plate:

And here is my beautiful cookie cake!
The cake was fixed from Livvy to Lizzy. Here I am getting ready to blow out the cake!

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