Friday, April 17, 2009

the Friday before the Berfday...

So I actually got up this morning to make the 6:25 AM train! I set the alarm to make the 5:30 train, but couldn't get up. I got to the gym and on the treadmill at 7:15. I ran until 7:55am, running 5 miles. I tried really hard to break 40 minutes, starting my run at 6.8 for the first mile, then 7.0 for the second, 7.3-8.0 for the next mile and a half then I ran the last mile in the 7:20 pace. But I finished in just over 40, going all the way up to 9.6 MPH on the treadmill.

Date4 /17/2009
Distance5.00 mi

I then lifted!! I really need to work more lifting into my workout regimen. I feel so much better when I lift!

When I got into work, I weighed myself for the biggest loser (dropped 2 pounds), then ate my oats- exact same as yesterday. The oats were good, well as good as they can be for being well, oats. They were filling at least! At 12:30, I ate half my wrap.

Around 1:15pm, I met up with my friend Melissa. I enjoyed a small Iced Dunkin' Donuts coffee with a bit of cream and splenda. Sorry, I drank it all before I remembered to take a picture. I also ate half an apple when I got back to the office.

Around 4, I was hungry again, so I enjoyed the rest of my wrap.

At five of 6, I left the office and took the train to West Natick, where Dave was waiting to pick me up. We went straight from the train station to the restaurant Coach Grill in Wayland. Its owned by the same company that owns Atlantic Fish and Abe & Louie's. We loved Abe & Louie's and had phenomenal service there so I had high expectations. Well, Coach Grill totally disappointed. I think we had the worst service/waitress I've ever had. Once we sat down, we immediately got bread, and then it took 20 minutes before our waitress came over to even offer us water. We ordered our drinks, asked for water and ordered a Sashimi appetizer. Our appetizer came before our water did. It was crazy! Our appetizer was pretty tasty. Sashimi Tuna with crackers and a rice cake with wasabi.

We then got our drinks. I ordered the Pomegranate Martini and it was almost clear. Honestly, I know I'm a lightweight, but it was hard to drink. I want to say it was 99% alcohol.

We then ordered dinner. We got a spinach salad with apples, cranberries, walnuts and baked brie and creamed spinach to share.

Then I got a 10 ounce Filet Mignon and Dave got the Duck special.

The salad was tasty. But I ran out of water during this dish and it took another 10-15 minutes to get it refilled. Lots of waiters saw that I was frustrated but our waitress was no where in site. I actually saw her inside the kitchen chatting for awhile with co-worker. It was really strange. She was very nice, but just clueless. Our entrees came out next and they were tasty. I was happy with the meal. It wasnt the best thing I've ever eaten but it was good. I finally got my water refilled but I had to ask the waitress twice before she remembered. When dinner was over, our waitress finally came back over to offer us dessert menus. I honestly was so frustrated, I just wanted to get out of there so we said we'd just take the check. She handed it to us immeadiately and then dissappeared from sight. Dave and I waited another 15 minutes before deciding that we were just going to pay upfront. I was CLEARLY annoyed when I brought the check up to the front. In the process of paying, our waitress finally appeared and seemed to look around for us (perhaps she thought we skipped out on the check), but then walked back into the kitchen. I guess it didn't bother her enough to try to find us. We paid and still gave a 20% tip (we know its a tough market out there!) and then we left. We couldn't stop talking about the horrible service on our way home. I guess no more going out to fancy restuarants in the 'burbs! Although, I will say, we had horrible service like this at Grill 23. But that was on Valentines Day and the place was slammed. Today really had no excuse. She was just bad at her job. I thought about that tonight. When you are in the "service" industry, you really can't have a bad day. She just couldn't remember things and seemed to not care at all about timing. Weird.

Anyway, we have to wake up at 6AM to run a 5K in Worcester with my brother. Dave is asleep next to me with his glasses on. Think I should take them off before he crushes them? Night Everyone!

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