Thursday, April 30, 2009


So on Thursday (yes last Thursday- I am late on this post because my camera died)- I started the morning off with a fast 7 miles.

Date4 /30/2009
Distance7.00 mi

Then for breakfast I had oats with Peanut Butter. And for lunch I had- can you guess? A wrap with Turkey, Cheese and Spinach.

Our department had a screening and my co-worker Jenn brought me some leftover food.

I only ate the Pasta Salad and the fruit on this plate. Then around 6, we left for the MSPCC event. MSPCC stands for Massachusetts society for prevention of cruelty to children and I worked on two videos that were being shown at this event. Our president at my company is a Co-Chair. I love working on projects like this one! It hits home, its emotional and its a great non-profit. The dinner was really interesting and tasty. Here's a picture:

It was salmon, and pork with what I think was bacon wrapped around it with potatoes and carrots. And for dessert (I only ate a couple bites of this) we had ice cream in this bowl thingie with a fruit sauce.

Then we got home to watch the double overtime loss of the Celtics game. That was tough!

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