Thursday, April 9, 2009

Love of Sushi!!

So I haven't blogged in a few days so I have a lot to catch you up on! I've been eating tons and not working out too much which is BAD. I didn't work out Monday, then ran four on Tuesday and didn't run yesterday. I am going TODAY no MATTER WHAT! Here's my stats:

Date4 /7/2009
Distance4.00 mi

Okay on Tuesday and Wednesday, I ate my normal oatmeal for breakfast and same wrap as Monday for lunch. I also snacked on grapes, my fiber one bar, cottage cheese and an apple. I'm trying to get better about incorporating fruit into my diet. For dinner on Tuesday night, my friend Dana and I made a pizza with spicy salsa, fat free mozzarella cheese, shredded chicken, spinach and tomatoes. We also ate my favorite avocado dip- okay okay, its very similar to Guacomole- 1 Diced Avocado, Tons of Spicy Fresh Salsa Mix, Red Onion and Lime Juice. After our dinner, we went to Legal Sea Foods to see my friend Jamie who was in town for the week. Dana and I had 1 glass of wine, and then headed back to my house. Dave is out of town for work until tonight so Dana and I had a sleepover party!! We got back to the house and watched lots of Real Housewives of NYC- so addicting and painful, along with the Hills. Then we passed out. I planned to go to the gym in the morning, but it just didn't happen. So all day I hoped to go but I was just so busy at work yesterday juggling between two projects with very SENIOR creatives. Around 6:30 pm, my friend Gretchen and I left work to go meet up with Remi for a sushi dinner at Haru in the Prudential. We got tons of food. Check out the spread.

For drinks, I got this cranberry martini cocktail:

I had two of these then another Vodka Tonic Splash of Cran at another bar.

We each got these huge salads and we really should have just spilt one:

Then we shared an order of King Crab Dumplings:

And then our SUSHI!!

Lobster Roll, Eel and Avocado, Rainbow Roll, Spicy Tuna, and Shrimp Tempura. We also decided to try the "Kiss of Fire" Roll. It had Jalepenos in it and on top. I took the top piece off but it was still really spicy, just how I like! YUMMY!

After dinner, REmi and I got one more drink and then I headed to Courtney's to sleepover. My plan was to wake up at 6 to go run, but that didn't happen. I slept straight until 7:30. Felt good to sleep that long!

This morning, I felt pretty tired and starving so I did something REALLY BAD. I got a bagel with light veggie cream cheese from COSI! OOPS! I also sipping Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice and gearing up to go to the gym. I am running a 15K this Saturday so I don't want to do too much but am hopeful to get in 5-6 miles today. Okay, that is it for now!

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