Wednesday, April 1, 2009

So close to the weekend, I can feel it...

Busy last couple of days. Monday morning, I got back in the daily grind. Got into work and didn't have time to eat until 10:30AM and finally had a Trader Joe's Fruit and Nut bar. Around 12:30, I got to the gym and ran 3.65 miles. I got there late which meant that my normal treadmill was taken and the only treadmill left was one without a TV. On mile 2.5, my iPod died which made it challenging to finish my run. I ended up doing 3.65 but it was a struggle. I ran fast for the first three like above 7.5 but then died at the end.

Date3 /30/2009
Distance3.65 mi

The rest of the day was pretty busy. For lunch, I had a wrap with turkey and cheese. In the late afternoon, I ate an apple with White Chocolate Wonderful Peanut Butter.

Around 6, a bunch of co-workers and myself walked over to the Aquarium for a screening of one of our clients recent work. The name of the project is my close friends at work's last name- the Marlowes. She was excited that she is now famous!

I had a glass of white wine with some tabuli and pita chips and a few pieces of sushi.

After the screening, I grabbed a quick drink with my 'boss' Joel to discuss the busy week. He went through two glasses of scotch in fifteen minutes. Impressive! Then I sprinted to South Station to make my train home. When I got home, I cooked Turkey Ham for Dave to eat the next day because I knew I would be out late on Tuesday as well. I cooked it in a baking pan with grainy mustard and Maple Syrap and then I baked it for 30 minutes. Dave had cooked pork chops but there weren't much left for me! I ended up eating a wrap with a few diced pieces of the pork and lettace and melted cheese.

Tuesday was another busy day but I wanted to make time for a long run. For breakfast, I had oatmeal and then left for the gym at 11:15. Wanted to get there early to ensure I got my treadmill!!! I ran 6 miles in 50:50 minutes. Ran at a consistent pace until mile 4 and then really stepped it up for the last two miles.

Date3 /31/2009
Distance6.00 mi

After the run, I quickly showered and headed back for a 1 o'clock meeting that ended up getting canceled. At 2, one of my outside clients was coming to my office for the first time to view a new video I've been working on for the MSPCC. This pro-bono account is really important to our President so I knew I wanted to impress her and the clients. Unfortunately, even though the 1PM meeting was canceled, I got busy with other things and was never able to straighten my hair before 2pm. But even though my hair was pulled back, the president of our company gave me major props for my Coco Chanel shoes! Thanks Meg! Now, I hope she doesn't think that I make the kind of salary that can afford those!! After work, some co-workers and I went over to another work party at a Post Production house across town. It was a good time and I stayed until my 8:30 train home. I had three glasses of wine which wasn't very smart! When I got home, I had a piece of the Turkey Ham with a salad.

Now on to today, this morning I had a piece of toast and coffee on the train. Around 10:30, I had a little bit of oatmeal and at 11:45, I went to the gym. I knew I didn't have the time I wish I did today so I was only able to run 4 miles. I ran 4 miles in 33:30. I ended up running up to 9.0.

Date4 /1/2009
Distance4.00 mi

After the gym, I ate lunch with my lunch buddies- a wrap with turkey, cheese and spinach. Later in the day, I bought pretzels and ate it with my laughing cow cheese. I got out of work on time tonight! Got home at 7 and immediately started cooking my feast. After reading Cooking Light on my train ride home, I had a lot of ideas but wasn't exactly sure how much food I had in the house. We had bought a 3lb package of Chicken so I knew I wanted to cook all of that in different ways and freeze some of it for different meals. I got my grill pan hot and cooked the chicken with just salt and pepper. I also turned on the oven to 375. I also diced the remainder of my turkey ham for another dish of Mac N Cheese with diced ham. While the chicken cooked, I boiled water for the Mac N Cheese and microwaved some frozen broccoli. I also cooked some brown rice. Once the chicken was cooked, I sliced into small pieces three breasts and put those along with the brown rice, broccoli and a can of cream of mushroom soup, some light cream and some light cheese. It was delicious, this is what it looked like.

The other pieces of chicken, I put into a baking pan with the same sauce as the Turkey Ham the other day- grainy mustard and Maple Syrup. I baked that for ten minutes until golden brown. This is how it turned out:

Once it cooled, I put it in tuperware and threw it in the freezer.

My other dish- my Ham Mac N Cheese, I finished on the stove top combining the ham, flour, butter, a touch of cream, chicken broth, a touch of grainy mustard, a touch of hot sauce and lots of light Mexican cheese. I then added bread crumbs to the top and Parmesan Cheese and threw it under the broiler. This will also be for another night. Here's what it looked like:

Now my eyes are shutting and I need to pack my bag for tomorrow's gym workout. I can't go during the day or after work so I must go in the AM. No excuses!!!

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