Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Ham

All I can say is that I ate WAY too much yesterday. Wow. I think I'm still digesting. For breakfast, I made an Egg-White Omelet with Cream Cheese, Mushrooms, Asparagus, and Spinach with a gallop of home-made guac on top with Wheat Toast and I can't believe its not butter along side a coffee.

We left for the North Shore with a full car (me, Dave, my brother, my mother and her boyfriend) and boy did we hit traffic. The design of the Fast Lane on the Mass Pike is terrible. No one know what lane to be in until 300 feet before you get through the tolls. Then everyone is trying to switch lanes. Frustrating. Luckily, once we got on 128 it was pretty clear. We were only 15 minutes late and got to the Colanto Residence at 1:15. We immediately started eating appetizers. There was Shrimp Cocktail, Baked Brie (my weakness), and my apps- the mushroom/asparagus tarts and crab cakes.

At this time, Dave's mom gave us our Easter Chicken filled with tons of candy!! Just what I need. Dave got this "chicken" every year when he was younger and we decided to bring back the tradition since I didn't get to celebrate Easter when I was younger.

Now on to Easter dinner:

I ate a spinach salad, cheesy potatoes, cranberry jello, ham with a pineapple salsa, and a bisquit. I finished about 2/3 of this plate. This plate is Dave's.

He wanted to make the blog. : )

For dessert, Dave's mom made this amazing strawberry cake and brownies with the most delicious frosting ever! Here is my bro (he's so normal) and the cake!

Around 6pm, we drove home and hit even more traffic trying to get on the Mass Pike from 128. We decided to screw it and take Route 9 home!

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