Monday, March 23, 2009

Blogging in Bed

So David is at the Celtics game and I just got home and decided to go straight to bed to watch TV so why not blog in bed? Today was a really busy day but I was so tired and unmotivated. I worked on three projects today and one I got finished and completely off my plate! yay!! For breakfast, I ate oatmeal and for a mid-morning snack, I had a new flavor Fiber One Bar. It was so tasty!

At lunch, I went to the gym and ran 4 miles on the treadmill. I'm still pretty sore from yesterday. Here's the stats:

Date3 /23/2009
Distance4.00 mi

I'm going away this weekend, and most likely won't be able to run, which means I will have to run pretty hard this week in four days. This is my goal: Mon- 4 miles- check, Tues- 6 miles, Wed- 5 miles, Thurs- 10 miles. That would be 25 miles for the week. Hopefully I can do it!

For lunch, I ate a Lavish Roll Wrap with Cracked Pepper Turkey, Spicy Cheese, Spinach and leftover of the vegetable salad I made the other day. I usually like to melt the cheese in the microwave but the microwaves were taken over by 50 girls heating up their Lean Cuisines. So annoying! Here's what half my wrap looked like. I was starving and had already ate the other half by the time I got around to take a picture.

Around 4, I got hungry again so I bought pretzels from the Vending Machine with Laughing Cow Cheese I had in the fridge. I love these Laughing Cow commercials- they are so funny. The woman reminds me so much of myself. I could totally see myself taking the train home and then remember I drove to work. haha. Here is a picture of my snack:

After work, I took the T to meet my mom at Mass Pharmacy where she teaches and then we drove down Route 9 to the Atrium Mall and we went to Cheesecake. Mom and I shared a Spicy Chicken Salad and Salmon Rolls. Here's my plate:

It's 10 and I'm going to call it a night. Tomorrow night I am going to hang out with my friend Dana and most likely get sushi. We might even have sleepover party. Dave want be happy about that but I miss Dana and she finally has the day off! Just finished watching Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill. xoxo- Lizzygirl!

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