Thursday, March 19, 2009

Not a Crazy Day YAY!!!

I just looked up a training schedule for a Half-Marathon. However in 3 weeks, I am running a 15K and in 10 weeks I am running a Half. So I am going to modify this schedule a bit. Starting today, I am going to run every chance I can and follow this schedule as much as possible. I'm still pretty sick but I ran today on the treadmill and felt fine. I just did 3 miles but I was able to do it at my normal pace- maybe a little slower. For the training for my 15K, I am going to start on week 5 and today I did Wednesdays run. This will be fun to have something to follow! Okay, I am going home now. Going to eat leftovers and hang out with Courtney! Dave is going snowboarding.

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