Sunday, March 29, 2009

Not so Healthy Weekend...

Especially for the last week of my department's biggest loser competition. I don't think I'm going to lose tons of weight in one week so I'm going to set a personal goal. By July I would like to be 126. I think that gives me plenty of time. So Dave and I went to New York City this weekend. We left early Friday morning after a VERY busy work week. I worked until 8:30 every night this week so taking Friday off was well deserved at least in my opinion. Thursday evening, the president of our company came down to check out a video I've been working on for the MSPCC foundation. She kept saying it was "perfect" so I am really excited about that. And I really felt like she knew who I was which was exciting!! So going into this week, I have one new project to start and finish, two projects I've been working on that need to get done and a project that I am taking over for the freelancer that has been working here the last couple weeks. I'm excited for the last project- its something different and I think it will be a lot of fun! Here's to an exciting week. One in which running is part of EVERY DAY no matter what! Needless to say, I wasn't able to run Wed due to work and Thurs was such a crazy day that I was only able to get two miles in before going back to work. And I ran FAST!

Date3 /26/2009
Distance2.00 mi

Wednesday and Thursday, I didn't eat my lunch (wrap with turkey, spinach and cheese) until almost 5. Wednesday night, I didn't get home until almost 10 and when I'm not home to cook, Dave somehow reverts back into a little boy who has never cooked before so Wed night he had eggs and I didn't want to leave him with no food for Thursday incase I worked late (which I did). I decided to make Veggie and Rice Stir-Fry. I cooked up Vegetable Rice (you buy it frozen from Trader Joes). I microwaved it and then sauteed vegetables in Peanut Oil- spinach, onions and frozen corn as well as diced chicken I pulled out and thawed (already cooked) from the freezer. I then added the rice to saute pan and added soy sauce and sesame oil. Here's how it turned out:

We ate this Thurs night and I also put a scoop of the guacomole I made (I know random- but what can I say? I love avocado!)

Friday morning, we left for NYC at 7am and we drove straight to New Jersey and parked on the New Jersey side to take a ferry to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. I haven't been there since I was like eight so it was nice to go there again. We were there for around 3 hours and then we drove to our hotel in Times Square. We stayed at the Renaissance Hotel on Marriott points so we didn't pay a dime! Except parking. Our hotel was pretty funky and the artwork and design of the place was very VERY sexual. It was kinda funny actually. Check out these pics:

Once Dave and I got settled at the hotel, we went for a walk and ended up at ESPN Zone to get a quick drink and salad. We had dinner reservations at Good in the West Village with my friend Meghan and her boyfriend but not until 8:30- which is late for Lizzy!! After our quick bite, we got ready to go meet up at Meghan's apartment. We got there around 8 and enjoyed some wine and then walked to the restuarant Good. It was GOOD! haha. I had a couple drinks there and fish tacos that were amazing!!! I forgot to take pictures tho. After dinner, we walked to a local bar and watched some college basketball. I'm not doing so well in my bracket. I ordered another drink there- Pear Vodka with Tonic Water and Cranberry. It was so tasty!! I was definitely starting to feel it by that point. My best friend from college, Debbie met us around 11 and we hung out for one more drink and then walked to another bar that was 4 avenues away (that's kinda a lot in NYC!) The bar was super crowded so we didn't stay very long.

Debs, Dave and I said goodbye and we went home around 1:30. Kinda early for NYC but late for me! Saturday was a CRAZY busy day!! We first met Debs on her side of NYC in the Upper East at a place called Vinyl. And it was David from the first season on Top Chef's restuarant! It was good! I got an egg-white omlette with goat cheese, spinach and bacon. Totally an oxy-moron- bacon and eggwhites but you gotta cut calories somehow! Debs also gave me half her whole wheat bagel with cream cheese. God, I love bagels and wish I could eat them everyday!!!

After brunch, Dave and I walked to Central Park. It was a gorgeous New York day. High 60's and just beautiful. Central Park was so crowded and there were so many runners! Made me want to get out there! After our walk, we went to the Met and viewed pretty much every exhibit they had there. I think Dave could live there. I got bored at hour 2. Then we took the subway to 34th street to be extreme tourist and go to the top of the Empire State Building. We got there around 3 and didn't leave until 5:30. The lines were INSANE. But the view was pretty incredible from the top.

After we left there, we grabbed some nachos at the local brewery and then we headed to the Top of the Rock.

Dave bought tickets for us to view the city from Rockefeller Center and it was really nice. We watched the sunset and saw views from all over the city. Then we went back to our hotel and got ready to go to dinner at Blue Fin at the W Hotel. I got the Blue Fin Martini which was blue with a floated Swedish Fish. DELICIOUS!

We also shared an appetizer roll of sushi made of pineapple, fillet mignon and veggies with a teriakki sauce.
For dinner, I got salmon with brussel sprouts, pearl onions and bacon with a grainy mustard sauce. The server asked me how I wanted my salmon cooked and I wasn't sure what to say so I said "medium?" If this ever happens to you, say WELL DONE. Parts of my salmon were raw and I couldn't eat it but it was okay because it was a huge piece and I probably wouldn't have been able to finish anyway.

On Sunday, we met Debbie across town at a Scandinavian Brunch spot. I got the salmon egg-white omlette with goat cheese and toast and lots of coffee. It was tasty and really good to see Debbie again!
After we did a tour of NBC Studios which was really cool. We got to see where they shoot the Nightly News and Saturday Night Live. The SNL studios is really small and they said is virtually impossible to get tickets too. You have to get in the raffle and I am totally going to apply for it this year!! After the studio tour, we walked to the Carnegie Deli to get some really good hot pastrami! I got a bagel with cream cheese and Dave got the hot pastrami sandwhich which we shared. It was ENORMOUS, you couldn't fit it all in your mouth!!

Sooo good though. After the deli, we went to get our car and drive home. There was a bunch of traffic, but we got to metrowest around 6:30, did some quick grocery shopping and then went home and now here I am! I'm about to unpack and get ready for a busy day tomorrow. I hope to make it to the gym in the AM and get in a REALLY long run. Good night everyone!!!!!!!

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  1. umm these are pretty bad pics of me lizzy...can you white out my face or put a paper bag over it somehow. I know you can do it with your special editing skills.
    I thought you were my bf...hehe...but postin these horrid pics of me makes me wonder LOL.
    anyway so glad you came!!!! yay., please come back soon