Saturday, April 11, 2009

15K Race!!

So today was the 15K race I've been training for! I ran it with my friend Lindsay who I ran track with in college and roomed with. We did pretty well on an insanely hilly course. We ended up running just over 8:30s for 9.3 miles.

Date4 /11/2009
RouteTri Valley Upton 15K
Distance9.30 mi

It was actually a pretty fun race and Lindsay kept me going. We just chatted and gossiped the whole time. Made it go by pretty quickly.

So now on to food. Here is what I ate for lunch everyday this week except yesterday and today:

And a close-up of the wrap:

Spinach, Chicken, Prosciutto, and yummy cheese. For dinner on Thursday, I ate at my friend Jamie's mothers house. Her
stepdad works in the food industry and had tons of fresh delicious items for dinner. Sun-dried tomatoes, bread and delicious cheese, and pasta with homemade pastas. My camera died so I didn't take any pictures.

Friday morning, I woke up early and got to the gym by 7. I ran 2 miles but it isn't worth putting my stats because I just totally didn't feel like running. I got to work by 8:30 and it was insane. We had a company meeting at 10 and we had to make a DVD for the meeting that was extensive and had lots of issues. It was stressful!!! But at the end of the meeting, our president and CEO announced that the agency was closing early! We could leave at 12! I worked until 12:45 then took the 1PM train home. When I got home, I ate this wrap:

Melted Cheese, Red Onions and Avocado.
Sooo soo good. At about 4, Dave and I left for Worcester to celebrate my sister -in-laws passing of her PhD!! She defended her dissertation and without much question, passed! Wahoo!!! I'm so proud of her. We hit up up a bar called Arbie Abby in Worcester for some celebratory beers and food. This bar was no joke. They had over 350 beers and tons of organic, fresh local ingredients for food. My brother, mother, Dave and I, first started with this pizza.

Omg, this pizza was amazing. God, I love spinach. I'm pretty sure if someone said I could only live on three things for the rest of my life it would be spinach, cheese and avocado. I love each of these things sooo much!! This pizza had mozzerela, spinach and roasted red peppers. It was delic!

Mike, mom and Dave drank lots of beer while I drank water since I had this race this morning. For dinner, we split Mac N Cheese, a salad and I got the soup of the day which was a spicy
thai coconut chicken soup.

Here are the pics of my mom and brother and my brother and his wife, Natalia, the star of the night!!

I just showered and now I'm "resting" in bed. I do this almost every Saturday. Watch TV in bed until I get motivated to dry my hair and start my day. I still need to grocery shop and get ready for tomorrow's Easter celebration at Dave's parents house. This is the snack I just had.

Same as yesterday- avocado, cheese, lime juice, s & p and red onion.

For dinner, my plan is to cook Pork Tenderloin. Haven't figured out all the details yet though!!

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