Saturday, April 4, 2009

The End of Biggest Loser

So Friday marked the end of our Biggest Loser Competition. I knew I was going to have to really push myself in order to lose some weight for our final weigh in. I woke up bright and early at 5 AM and left the house at 5:15 AM and drove into the city. I really think I slept-drove because I don't remember anything!! I got on the treadmill at 6AM and ran straight until about 7:40AM- with a walk cool-down. I ran 10.5 miles and boy was I tired especially after running 8 the day before!

Date4 /3/2009
Distance10.50 mi

Then I got to work and weighed in with my department and I lost two pounds from last week! 130!!! Wahoo. I lost 5.07% of my total weight and I'm just getting started- I would like to lose five more pounds for my next competition! (We are doing another round of biggest loser) For breakfast, I split a half bagel with Jill. I haven't had a bagel with full-fat cream cheese in so long, but it was DELICIOUS and I miss it so much. God I love bagels!!!

Anyway, together we lost 122 pounds which is a person!!! The winner of our competition lost 34.5 pounds for 16.22%! Insane!!!! If Scott won, which he did, he promised to take us all to lunch at is favorite Italian place in the North End, Antico Forno! So ten of us walked over in the pouring rain and ate the WORLD. I ate a few slices of bread.

We started with pizza. Here are the two slices I ate:

Sorry, I took a bite- cheese with tomatoes and zucchini, yum! And now on to my favorite piece- with spinach and mozzarella cheese and prosciutto.

For our main course, my friend Gretchen and I shared a salad and and a huge plate of fusilli with tomato sauce, roasted vegetables, and goat cheese.

Looking at Gretchen's picture on her blog, Clean Green Cuisine, I think she hijacked most of the goat cheese. Gretchen I thought you knew I need my cheese to survive!!! Well it was probably a good thing, because I ate the world for dinner- don't worry you will see later.

After we got back to the office, Gretchen and I continued to work on a new Chili's spot. It was all food footage and although it looked great before we went to lunch, I was so full after lunch that it made it difficult to look at it after!!! Well, around 5:45 pm, we called it a day and the broadcast biggest losers decided to head out to JA Stats for more celebrating. Right away we ordered drinks- I got my signature drink- Vodka Tonic splash of Cranberry. Then we ordered the fattening food. Spinach and Artichoke Dip with huge pita chips and Nachos. check it out:

I drank probably three drinks and two glasses of water before driving back to the burbs. I ate so much food though- I really was like a fat kid- I had no control especially with the Spinach and Artichoke dip which was probably 98% sour cream- ewww!!! I got home around 9:30 and was asleep at 10PM. I woke up this morning at 6:30am to go run with the team. I certainley didn't feel great but I figured it was so good to get running and get it over with. Plus, I was excited to run with the team again. Here's me in my running outfit!

We ran trails through Wellesley and there were some bitchin' hills. It was not fun! But it was pretty nice out which is always a plus!

Date4 /4/2009
RouteWellesley Trail Run
Distance7.00 mi

After running, I went straight to the Grocery Store. I got tons of fruits and Veggies, chicken, pork tenderloin and steak for the week. Yum! I also somehow grabbed this bag of mini bagels. I am blaming Gretchen for this. She brought the bagels in yesterday and they were so delicious that I am now craving them. I decided I deserved my favorite breakfast after a tough run so I also bought smoked salmon and whipped cream cheese and prosciutto. Here's what my delicious breakfast looked like!!

After breakfast, I showered and fell asleep for four hours. I'm still in bed and feeling hungover which is weird to feel this way now at 6pm. We are supposed to go out tonight and I am trying to dig deep for the motivation! Talk to you later!!!

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