Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Raw Week Day 2

Well, today was Raw Week, Day 2. I set my alarm to go to the gym, but that didn't happen. Last night, I had soaked my raw oats Gretchen had brought in for me so this morning I was ready to try them out. I followed a recipe that Ani had wrote, but I thought they were Oat Groats so I put them in the food processor, along with dates, dried apples, cinnamon and vanilla. Then I tried it out with my coffee. It was honestly terrible. I had probably three bites and two sips of the coffee. Gross!!

When I got into work, I knew I was going to be INSANELY busy! I was starving though, so I enjoyed a donut hole with a small Iced Coffee from DD. That got me fiercely moving this morning! Around 12, I had this pure bar. I ate about 3/4 of it. This bar was REALLY tasty. It reminded me of Powerbars that I used to live on in my track days.

At 1:15, Gretchen and I brought out our feast from the fridge. We ate pretty much the same thing as yesterday. Gretchen made some "brawnies." I am not a sweets person so I did without! I ate three 'wraps.' One with collard leaves and two with Romaine. Then I also had a stuffed endive.

This 'wrap' had the garden pate with various vegetables, guacamole, and the same dressing as yesterday.

Here is my bite of endive and my romaine lettuce wrap.

Around 5, I found these nuts in the kitchen. They must have been left over from a meeting. Don't worry, I didn't eat the chocolate. I ate about half of these nuts. I worked until 7 pm, and then I took the train home.
Then for dinner, guess what I had? More Lettuce! I made more guacomole and then filled my wrap with Garden Pate, various vegetables, guac and a dressing of oregano, EVOO, Apple Cider Vinegar and Mustard. Oh, I am just thinking that mustard probably isn't raw! Oh no!!!

I also made a side salad of spinach and mushrooms with raw goat cheese and dressing.

I have to be honest, I don't hate raw week. I go to bed feeling pretty satisfied with food, BUT my stomach has not felt that much better. I still get the pains in the afternoon. Not sure if this diet is working but I'm going to keep trying it out! Now I'm in bed and I AM DEFINITELY waking up for the gym tomorrow!!! Night everyone!

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