Monday, April 6, 2009

Gloomy Monday

Here I am- another un-beautiful Monday morning. It looks like it is going to downpour any minute. I had a nice relaxing weekend. After my long run with the group on Saturday, I fell asleep for four hours then got up and got ready to head to Brighton to hang out with our friends Kerry and Korba. I like to call them Kerry Korbas. They are getting married in July so soon Kerry will be Kerry Korba!! Before we left, Dave and I ate leftovers. Here's my helping of Mac N Cheese with Turkey Ham and a Salad:

We met at Devlin's in Brighton and ordered some drinks. I had a glass of Reisling that turned into three glasses of Reisling! I was definitely feeling it!!!

Dave and I got home around 12:30 and went straight to bed. I told my brother to call me in the morning because there would be a slight chance I would be interested in running a five miler road race with him. He called and I told Dave to tell him I was too tired. After I slept until 9:15am, I went downstairs to make breakfast for Dave and I. I sauteed mushrooms and spinach then added egg whites, mexican blend cheese, feta cheese and prociotto. We ate this with two mini-bagels each. YUM!

We split this in two with our bagels.

Then Dave and I attacked (cleaned) the house. It was a mess. After that, it was time for lunch and I made Joseph's wraps with rotiseree chicken, cheese, spinach, prociutto and tomatoes. YUM! Sorry, I forgot to take a picture.

The rest of the afternoon, Dave and I hung out until his parents came over around 4pm. We drank mimosa's and then headed to my moms house for Passover Dinner around 5pm. Our first dish was Matzah Ball Soup.

My moms version is soooo good!! Now, I'm not sure what's in this or how it's made, but the broth and ball were very tasty!

For dinner I ate brisket, a baked potato, brussel sprouts, salad and a vegetable grilled salad. Here's my huge plate:

I also had matzah and this carrots and raisins sweet dish my mom made. It was so tasty! For dessert, I had chocolate mouse and coffee.

Then Dave and I hung out for a bit more with my family and headed home where we went straight to bed. But unfortunately, I was unable to wake up early enough to go to the gym. Before Dave and I left for work, I had a mini bagel with cream cheese and a little tiny bit of coffee. When I came down to get my cup of coffee in the morning, there was only an inch in the coffee pot because Dave had forgot to add the water to the pot! Oh well, I had a nice two sips.

When I got into work, I ate oatmeal with some white chocolate peanut butter. First, check out all the food I brought for the week:

My bars, oatmeal, wraps, grapes and apples and cottage cheese.

For a late morning snack, I had cottage cheese:

At 1, I ate my lunch which was a wrap with chicken, prociotto, cheese, and spinach. I also cut an apple into slices with White Chocolate Peanut Butter.

I worked on two fun projects today with my two favorite producers. For a late afternoon snack I had a Fiber One bar and I may have had some chips- oops!!! I took the 6:15 train home and had to walk to South Station in the pouring rain with no umbrella! Dave picked me up at the train station and I got home and immediately started cooking. I had marinated the steak this morning in a Balsamic Vinagrette dressing. I got my grill pan nice and hot and threw the steaks on it. I also sauteed the rest of my mushrooms. For my sides, I made couscous using chicken broth instead of water with green onions and lots of salt and pepper. I also made a salad and took out the grilled vegetable salad i made last night. Here's my plate:

Lots of food for a day that I didn't run. But I am packed and ready for tomorrow morning. If its nice, I will run for the group. If its not, I will head to the gym. Dave and I are already in bed watching the history of cheese on the History Channel. God I love cheese. Okay, I'm off!! Good night everyone!! Let's hope I can wake up and run!

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