Monday, June 8, 2009

Weekend of Celebration and Food...

Hello everyone!!! Sorry about the blog hiatus. Here is my weekend eats. At Mike's wedding, I ordered the Salmon. It was very tasty especially after I put the lemon and salt and pepper on it. For dessert, I had some of the cake and most of the chocolate pudding. Oh and quite a few of the cosmo's and Vodka Tonic with a splash of cran.

I forgot to take pictures on Saturday, but I didn't cook at all so the food wasn't very exciting anyway. On Sunday, I started off the day by running with the group at 7:30AM around Wellesley. We clocked in just under 7 miles. It felt great!

Then we drove to Worcester for Mikey and Natalia's graduation. First, we had brunch at their school. I ate a lot. Bagel with CC, scrambled eggs, one piece of bacon and one little sausage (I know it looks huge, but I swear it isn't!) Then we sat through three hours of the graduation.

When we returned home around 4, we immediately went to the grocery store, followed by COOKING! My mom decided that we were going to have Lobster since Natalia's family had never had it so my Aunt and I made some side dishes and the other main dish. My Grandfather only eats really basic food, so we made him and whoever didn't want lobster, baked ziti with meat sauce, mushrooms and spinach. We also made this amazing corn salad and spiked baked pineapple. My mom added to that a delicious salad and garlic bread!

Corn Salad

Frozen Corn- defrosted
Diced Red Pepper
Diced Red Onion
Diced Cucumber
1 Can of Black Beans
1 Diced Avocado

1/8 Cup of Red Wine Vinegar
2 Tablespoons of Mustard
A couple squeezes of honey
Salt and Pepper
1 teaspoon of dill weed
and slowly wisk in 3 Tablespoons of EVOO

Mix everything together, pour over dressing and serve!

The table spread:

My mom and aunt took a beating trying to crack these open to make it easier for Natalia's family. They have bruises to prove it!

Here is the Spiked Baked Pineapple... the recipe follows. This is AMAZING! Thanks Auntie Deedee!

Spiked Baked Pineapple

1 Pineapple, Cored and Sliced into bite-size pieces
4 Tablespoons of Brown Sugar
1/2 Cup of Coconut Rum or Tequilla

Bake at 350 for an hour and serve!

And then here is my lovely plate of food:

When I got home, I made lunches and my morning breakfast cookie. This cookie contained: oats, almond butter, almond milk, nutella, brown sugar and coconut.

And my wrap for Monday was all my favorite things, even if they don't belong together. Mustard, Spinach, Avocado, a tiny piece of Havarti cheese, and smoked salmon wrapped together in a whole wheat wrap.

Around 11 yesterday, my friend Lisa brought in Oreo Cheesecake mini-cupcakes. Omg, this was sooo good! Looks big, but its really tiny, I swear!

Mondays dinner was Pork Chops, half an ear of corn and a salad. I tried an interesting marinade for the pork chops, but it left it quite sticky. Not the texture I was going for.

The sauce was made of Orange Marmalade, Honey, Red Wine Vinegar, Brown Sugar and EVOO. I also put in about a half cup of cooked pancetta on top. It was sweet and tasty, but sticky. Definitely no honey next time!

I seared the Chops on each side for 3-5 minutes before I added the marinade, then I let the pork cook through on low heat.

Tomorrow I am running a 10K after work! Wish me luck!

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