Thursday, August 20, 2009

Brookline 10 Miler in 90 Degrees

So last night, I met my brother at his new place in Brookline to run 10 miles. It was somewhere between the temps of 85-90 degrees. I went out and bought the Nathan Pink Water Bottle at City Sports so I could be hydrated on the run (see below).
Our run started out pretty good. We were averaging just over 8:30 miles and I was feeling decent. When we hit the trails and the hills, I slowed down drastically (barely maintaining 10 minute pace). And then Negative Lizzy kicked in. I wanted to stop, I was mad at my brother, I was just plain evil. It just wasn't my night. Once we got to a place that I felt safe knowing where I was, I let my brother take off and I kept trucking along until I got to his place in exactly ten miles. So needless to say, it wasn't my day. But I'm still pretty happy I was able to finish!

Date8 /19/2009
Distance10.00 mi

After the run, Dave met us at his place and the four of us went to a Middle Eastern Gourmet Restuarant up the street called Shawarma King. I got an amazing Hummus Chicken Kabob Wrap. Mike and Natalia were still pretty hungry but I felt pretty satisfied. Dave and I drove home and I got a good 8 hours asleep. (Can't wait to watch Top Chef and Project Runway tonight!!- Don't forget Project Runway starts tonight on Lifetime!)

I just got back from my lunch run. My legs were sore but I got on that treadmill anyway. Now it looks like a thunderstorm is going to hit any minute!

Date8 /20/2009
Distance5.00 mi

Tonights dinner include the quiche I made the other night and leftover chicken I cooked for lunches on Sunday.

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