Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Rainbow Swiss Chard is my new Spinach

So I have two things to say to start this blog entry. A) I'm not too happy with any of these pictures I am about to post, but I can tell you the food was absolutely delicious. B) Rainbow Swiss Chard is my new favorite vegetable and you may see it now as often as you see Kale!

On Tuesday night I made fish and steak tacos with the leftover fish and meat I had in the fridge. I also saute some chard with some of the stem and bacon with EVOO, Salt and Pepper. WOW! It was sooooo tasty and I will definitely be cooking chard again without the bacon. I thought it might need extra fat and flavoring but the chard was so delicious on its own! All you have to do is tear it off the stem and either rip it up in pieces with your hands or dice it with a knife. Then take the core and dice the middle part. Kinda looks like rainbow celery!

And then here it is cooked with bacon.

This is the inside of my fish taco. I put some chard in there with the guac dip I always make (diced avocado, red onion, tomatos with lime juice), I also made a spicy hot yougurt sauce with greek yogurt and hot sauce.

So I had one fish taco and one steak taco with a side of Rainbow Chard.

Wednesday night I ran 8 miles with some girls from work. It was a great run around the Charles with new running partners! I hope we can make this a weekly event!

When Dave and I got home at 8:45! I knew I wanted to cook something quickly. I had two black bean Trader Joe's burritos in the freezer so I defrosted those then put them under the broiler. In addition, I made a giant salad and more guac dip. Dave also heated up some of his special tomato sauce.
That's it for today. So far this week I've run 13 miles. I got to get in 6 today at some point and 4ish tomorrow. Then long run Satuday and cross training and lifting Sunday!

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