Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ending the day with Italian

I had grand plans of making Baked Shrimp, Tofu and Feta over Orzo but I didn't leave work until almost 7 so Dave and I decided to go to our favorite local Italian restaurant, La Cantina. Ever heard of Fanny's Salad Dressing? Well it originated right here in Framingham! But, anyway... lets start with the days eats before dinner.

I started off the morning with another Luna Bar. This flavor was S'mores and again, it was pretty amazing. Then I went to an hour and a half meeting that I totally didn't need to be at and we all know how much I hate wasting time!!!! When I got back to my desk, I snacked on some Raw Trek Mix and got to work. At 1:30, I breaked for lunch. I wanted to go get something because my wrap looked preetty boring, but I decided to save the money and time for that matter and just eat what I brought. With this, I ate a fruit roll-up and more nuts.

Around 8, Dave and I got to La Cantina. We ordered drinks and the ordered this special appetizer of pan seared calamari, cannelini beans, pepperoncinis, arugula and tomatoes in this EVOO, Lemon sauce. It was really tasty and so much more enjoyable then friend calamari.

La Cantina also has free refills on bread and salad with the famous Fanny's Italian Dressing. I enjoyed a couple plates of the salad and some bread.

For dinner, I ordered a brand new dish on the menu: Stuffed Dole Sole. I asked for it to be made as healthy as possible with no frying. The dish was pretty tasty. I thought the presentation was nice, even if it was kind of swimming in the broth. The leeks and tomatoes were delicious!!! The filling was interesting and it was definitely a healthier option at a not so helathy restuarant! (Probably not that healthy). I did have some brussel sprouts on the side : )

See you tomorrow!

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