Saturday, May 9, 2009

Run, Food, Birthdays & Mommy Day!

Started off Friday morning (after the gym) with a fruit salad.

I didn't want to eat too much because Gretchen, Carissa and I decided to go out to lunch to Grezzo the Raw Restaurant we've been wanting to check out. The restaurant was awesome and we will definitely be back. I ordered the 'BLT'- it had dehydrated eggplant acting as the bacon, lettuce, tomato, a 'cheese' dressing and avocado. It was then 'wrapped' in a nut mixture that was dehydrated to make a bread/wrap like quality. It also came with sweet potato chips.

For dessert, we all shared a brownie sundae which was topped with vanilla gelato (made with coconut water and coconut flesh), chocolate sauce, and shredded coconut, and mango sauce on the side. This was soooooo good.
Can you tell we liked it?

Unfortunately, when I got back to work- there was a lot of work needed to be done before I left for the evening. I worked as fast as I could, but a lot of it was out of my control because I had to convert files to a different format which took a long time. We had dinner reservations with our friends Usok and Michelle at Cottonwood at 7, but I didn't get out of work until 8. Luckily, they didn't seem to mind. When we sat down, we shared grilled calamari with a sundried tomato pesto and toast with an olive tapanade. TASTY!

I also had a Margarita on the rocks with salt.
For dinner, I ordered the Tostada Salad. It was Romaine Lettace with various vegetables, cheese, chicken, steak and avocado. I ate about 1/2 of this.

After dinner, Dave and I walked a few blocks to Saint where our friend Mike was celebrating his 30th birthday. It was definitely a cool scene and fun to have a big crowd. Having a table with liquor service didn't hurt either. Although, I planned to wake up and run this morning, I was having a good time at the bar and the drinks were going down pretty smoothly. I had two STRONG Vodka Tonics with a splash of Cranberry Juice and I was FEELING it. yes I know I'm a light weight. Around 12, we left and headed home. Here's a pic of Dave and I, Lindsay and the birthday boy!

Now on to today. I woke up with a hangover at 730 and got ready and left to head to my brothers so we could run the trails in Boylston, MA. Unfortunately once we got to the trails, there was a sign that said the Dam was flooded. Mike knew of other trails, so we ran those. They were hilly and again, I had an off day. It didn't help that I drank the night before. Half way through (around the 34 minute mark), I started just dying. I ended up telling my brother to leave me and get a workout in since I was fading so much. I even had to stop and walk a couple times. I'm not sure the last time that happened. But all in all, I still got in 6 miles. I ran about 53 minutes. I hope I can run tomorrow before Mothers Day. I need to get more miles in before my Half Marathon in two weeks! When we got back to my brothers condo, we quickly got ready and headed to my Nana Edie's 90th Birthday Party. She isn't my real Nana, but she took care of me from ages 0-4. IT was a surprise and boy was she shocked!
For lunch, there was a buffet and I ate a little of everything. I ate the stuffed chicken, a big salad, bread, pasta and swedish meatballs. I definitely ate too much but I was STARVING!
Then Mike, Natalia and my mom went shopping for Mothers Day and on our way back, we stopped at DD. I got an iced Coffee and a munchkin.

Then I went Grocery Shopping for mothers day and when I finally got home, I started immediately cooking dinner and prepping tomorrows brunch festivities. I made Pork Tenderloin with a maple orange marmalade sauce with baked brussel sprouts and fingerlick potatoes and also creamed corn. It was a tasty meal. Brussels Sprouts are so delicious!

Not sure why these pictures turned out so blurry. After dinner, I continued to prep for brunch tomorrow. Here is my menu:

Baked French Toast (currently soaking in the egg/milk mixture)
Two Quiches
coffee Cake
Bagels with CC and Smoked Salmon
Scrambled Eggs and Bacon

Have a good night, Happy Mothers Day! I'll post how my brunch turns out tomorrow!

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