Wednesday, May 20, 2009

WED=Hump Day

So, I woke up late again. I had coffee on my way into work and when I got into work, I tried out this bar. It was pretty good. I'm starting to enjoy bars in the morning.

For lunch, I snuck out of the office at 11:30 to meet my friend Melissa (I call her Flems- her last name is Fleming). We met at Post Office Square and ate our lunches and gossiped. I ate a whole wheat wrap with avocado, peppers, cheddar cheese, hummus and spinach. I also had a side of strawberries.

In the afternoon, I had this bag of pretzels along with some nuts.

Then at 5:15pm, I left work and headed to the gym. I got on the treadmill at 5:40 and ran until 6:05.. running 3 miles in 24:48. Then I sprinted across the street to catch my 6:15 train home.

Date5 /20/2009
Distance3.00 mi

When I got home, I got my twisty pasta cooking. Then I sauteed garlic, EVOO and red onions. Then I threw in the rest of bok choy, the rest of my rotiseree chicken and spinach. Next I started on the sauce. I am getting pretty decent at creating really tasty cream sauces. I added some light cream, chicken broth, mustard, hot sauce and mozzerela cheese. The last thing I added was smoked salmon. Then I combined it with the pasta and woolah!

After dinner, Dave took over cleaning the dishes, and I dried. I tried to take a picture of what a helpful husband he is, but he wasn't too excited.

It was light out until 8:30 tonite! Now I'm off to bed. One more day (for me) until the weekend!

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